Boost Your Farm Income with Agriculture Business Funding in New Hampshire

The farm economy represents a small but significant part of the New Hampshire or ‘Granite State’ economy. The farm sector contributes less than 2% of the state’s economy but it surely punches above its weight. If you consider direct sales as a percentage of all farm sales, the state ranks right on top nationally. It also records the highest percentage sales of organic farm produce in the country. In terms of women farmers as a percentage of overall farmers in the state, it ranks third in the national list. It’s easy to see that the farm economy is thriving as much for the efforts of the state’s farmers as it is for agriculture business funding in New Hampshire. 

The average farm size in New Hampshire is a little over 100 acres and there are around 4,100 farms in the state spread across 430,000 acres accounting for around 8% of the total land area of the state. If you own a farm in this pristine environment you would know as well as any experienced farmer that the risks in farming has nothing to do with the look and feel of the surroundings. If there is unseasonal rain, it might be good for the meadows where your livestock feed but can be destructive for your cereal and green crops. You needn’t worry and start pondering, “Can I get business funding near me in New Hampshire?” 

Need cash to purchase farm equipment? 

There is a wide range of equipment that is needed in farms depending on the type of activity that one is involved in. Tilling and plowing requires heavy equipment like power tillers and tractors that are expensive. On the other hand irrigation systems, although not heavy, is also quite expensive. 

When you have to buy such equipment with cash upfront it is not possible with the kind of cash surplus or savings you have at hand. You cannot spend all your savings on one or a few assets; that’s why it makes sense to go for hassle-free equipment financing in New Hampshire at a reasonable cost of borrowing. 

Procuring new livestock to boost production? 

If you are primarily a livestock farmer you would know the challenges of sustaining healthy animals on your farm. Disease affliction and death of animals are major losses for any livestock farmer and the sooner you are able to replace the loss the better you stand to recover the loss. 

On other occasions, if you see opportunities for growth by increasing dairy, poultry, or meat output, your current livestock headcount would have to be increased. That means additional capital investment but with easy business funding in New Hampshire, you can easily procure additional livestock. 

Approach a lender who understands your requirement

A lot of farm folks have met with disappointment in their efforts to get funding from traditional lenders like banks and other financial institutions. While some have met with rejection of their funding applications, others have had to wait for months for their applications to be approved. 

When you approach a reliable and renowned lending agency like Alternative Funding Group your chances of getting access to hassle-free funding increases manifold. You just need to meet the few simple requirements to qualify for the funding and you could have the cash in your bank account in just 48 hours. Please visit for more information.

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