How to Store Kratom in Pennsylvania: Tips to Keep It Fresh for Longer

When you bring home kratom you must know how to store it properly to avoid its degradation. Mitragynine, the chief alkaloid of kratom, gets converted into another compound when it is exposed to certain atmospheric elements. 

Thumb rule

Store kratom in a cool, dark, and dry area; away from children. Use Kratom powder within 1-3 months of buying it. 

When you buy kratom in Pennsylvania make sure you are buying fresh kratom so that you can use it for a long time. 

Keep kratom away from damp areas

Moisture can spoil kratom. Never let your kratom in any form get wet or soggy. It will rot quickly. If, for some reason, your kratom capsules or powder or leaves become soggy, discard them. 

Storing kratom in a refrigerator may not be a good idea due to humidity. At times, storage containers, too, tend to build up moisture. Stuff a piece of paper towel in the container to soak any moisture. 

Keep away from direct sunlight

Direct exposure of kratom to UV rays of the sun adversely affects the compound bonds in the leaves, making them less potent. Store kratom in a dark place. Before you bring home this herb from a kratom shop in Pennsylvania, make the necessary arrangements for storing it. 

Avoid exposing kratom to air

Always store kratom in a sealed container to avoid exposing it to air, which can lead to oxidation and spoilage of the powder. Besides, kratom powder like Red Thai Kratom Powder is extremely fine. Its particles can easily fly even with the slightest wind. So be careful while handling the powder. 

How to store kratom for the long term?

When you buy the herb from a kratom shop near you, find out for how much time it had been with the vendor. Say, your vendor stored it in their inventory for a month. Then, you must subtract one month from the total shelf life of the powder. That’s why it is important that you buy the freshest and the purest quality of kratom. 

Keep kratom in a sealed bag or vacuum bag in a cool, dark, and dry area. Some prefer to keep it in the freezer, but you must check it regularly for freezer burn. 

How to store kratom for daily use

For this, you must determine the dose. Then, portion out the kratom powder and pack in small, plastic bags that can be sealed. As you close the bag, press it down to remove any air that is remaining. Vacuum bags are the top choice. 

It would be better, if you used opaque bags and containers, not glass ones, as we must keep the herb in the dark. 

Know how to store kratom properly before you search for “kratom near me”.

Signs of spoilage

Loss of color and smell are two signs that indicate your kratom has spoiled. Powder turns brown when oxidized. Please discard such powder. If you see mold or freezer burn, then your kratom has become useless. 

In short, if you find a change in the appearance of kratom and it’s not what it was when you bought it, then it is most probably spoiled due to improper storage. 

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