What is TSBP

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP)

oversees over two thousand four hundred licensed pharmacists and nearly six thousand pharmacies in Texas. One simple misstep can result in an investigation by the board. The attorneys of Leichter Law Firm PC have handled hundreds of pharmacy license matters, from minor prescribing infractions to alleged infractions of the Controlled Substances Act. They are former licensing board officials who understand the intricacies of the drug business.


TSBP stands for Texas state board

TSBP stands for “Texas State Board of Pharmacy.” The agency works to protect the public from dangerous drugs. The TSBP has two main branches: Medical and Technician. All three are equally important, and should be investigated carefully. In Texas, the TSBP maintains a database of the statewide drug distribution networks. The TSBP also monitors pharmacies to ensure that their staff follows strict standards for quality care.

The TSBP has two staff members.

Carissa Garcia has been with the organization since 2016. She has four years of pharmacy experience, and is currently assigned to the disciplinary division. Her job responsibilities include monitoring compliance with entered disciplinary orders against pharmacy technicians. Prior to joining the board, she worked as a community pharmacist. Wesley Moody has joined the TSBP staff in mid-2019. He has more than fourteen years of experience as a pharmacy technician. He is responsible for investigating applications for registration and other issues.

TSBP is an acronym for Texas

What is TSBP? TSBP is an acronym for Texas’ State Board of Pharmacy. However, TSBP does not mean that a pharmacy is located in Texas. It means a pharmacist who is a member of the board. Moreover, TSBP is required for all Texas licensed pharmacists. This is an important distinction that should be made. In other words, if a pharmacist is a Texas resident, he or she must have a license to practice medicine.

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