Beauty Advise When Wearing A Wig; Do’s And Don’ts

When learning how to wear wigs, it’s imperative to understand that wigs can no longer be worn in secret. Other than being used to cover baldness, they are also the best solution for those who want to change their hair without using harmful chemicals and heat. If you are considering wigging out, you need to read these important tips so that you may know what you should do and what you should not do when you are wearing a wig.

The Don’ts when wearing a wig

1. Do not wear full neck clothing

High neck clothing rubs against your hair and also the bottom section of your wig. This may lead to breakage, and could also make your hair knotted. High neck clothing may also cause sliding of the wig.

2. Choose clothes that are easily removable

When wearing wigs, make sure that you have layers of clothes that can be removed without having to pull them over the head. Clothes that have zippers are the best for this case. This is because there are instances where you may need to wear several layers of clothes, but you will need to remove them after reaching some places that are warmer.

3. Avoid wigs in hot temperatures

Wigs are uncomfortable in high temperatures, so you should avoid them at all costs. In hot temperatures, you will sweat a lot and this does not only soak the hair, but also the wig cap that is underneath it. This could make you very uncomfortable. But if you are to wear wigs in warm weather, it’s important that you protect yourself by drinking plenty of fluids. Alternatively, you can opt for a bandana, hat, or scarf.

4. Don’t put on hats over a wig

While wearing a hat over a wig may look cute, they may cause some serious damage to the synthetic weave that you are wearing. Friction between the hat and your artificial hair may cause breakage and fraying and more. When you add sweat that is the norm in hot weather to the mix, a huge mess is created.

The Dos while wearing a wig

1. Don’t pull the hair while adjusting

When you are adjusting your wig, you shouldn’t pull the hair because this could make it break off. Anytime you pull the front side of your wig, you make the seams to wear and break down completely. There are instances where you will need to adjust your wig using the back beam, and this may lead to tightening or loosening. This should be combined with other adjustment points.

2. Use high-quality hair products

There are many kinds of hair products that are available out there, and not all of them are designed for synthetic hair. If you use products that are meant for human hair that will absolutely damage your hair.

3. Care for your hair when dry

Caring for your hair while dry is one of the proper ways to wear wigs. Doing any maintenance procedure on wet wigs makes them break down. It may also rip the cap or stretch out the wig.


To look amazing while wearing a wig, there are several things that you should do, and others that you shouldn’t do. Also, there are acceptable methods of maintaining your hair. The above dos and don’ts should provide you with a general guide to make you look great while wearing your wigs all the time.

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