How to Choose the Best Roman Blinds that Reflects Your Taste

Romans blinds are great substitute of curtains. Just like our common curtains, it also blocks the light from the sun. Additionally, it is elegant and sophisticated than your typical curtain. They make tiny pleats when they are rolled out. The higher you roll the blinds, the more pleats you create.  However, when you do not choose the right roman blinds for your windows, chances are they will be visibly bumpy or ribbed. And that is not aesthetic to look at.

If you are still wondering what roman blind are you going to pick for your house, then you are in the right site. I am going to show you few tips on how to choose the best Roman blinds.

  1. Look for the Best Fabric

The reason why some Roman blinds come bumpy and not smooth is because of its fabric. And because it blocks the light from the sun, you wouldn’t want your Roman blinds to fade out or get dull easily. That is why; you should pick high-caliber fabrics for your Roman blinds.  The best fabrics for your Roman blinds are medium weight cotton, blends of polyester or cotton and linen or blends of linen. Lightweight silk is also idea. Hence, heavy weight fabrics are not recommended as fabrics for your Roman blinds.  Now, if you happen to choose lightweight or medium weight fabrics, then you will not have any problem in the long run.

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  1. Choose Appropriate Colors

Mixing and matching of color combinations among your other upholstery and your Roman blinds is still a must. Do not choose color that is contrasting to your motif or theme. Stick in the color combination you are achieving.

Some tips I can add to your knowledge in choosing the color of your Roman blinds is that if you choose darker colors, your room will look smaller but if you choose lighter ones, tendency is your place will look spacious and big. With that being said, choose the right color that will complement your entire place.

  1. Pick the Style that Clicks your Taste

Roman blinds come with variety of styles. You can choose any style you want as long as it is unique and stylish. Some styles you may want to pick are: Firstly, Flat Roman Blinds. These are Roman blinds that lay flat on your window and have horizontal lines on it. Secondly, the Classic Roman blinds. These Roman blinds, on the other hand, have very neat and clean pleats when rolled. The next one is the European Roman Blinds. These have more relaxed and wavy look. It uses the natural flow of the fabric making it look like a relaxed one. The last style for your Roman blinds is the Hobbled Roman blinds. This is sometimes called as the

teardrop shade. It just looks like the same with the flat Roman blind style; however, it is more fashioned and sophisticated and makes more horizontal lines when rolled.

Nevertheless, whatever style you want to pick for your Roman blinds, make sure it is neat to look at without risking uniqueness and sophistication.

  1. Put some Patterns and Prints on your Roman Blinds

It is alright to choose monochromatic color scheme for your Roman blinds, but it is more elegant and splendid to look at if you add patterns or designs for your Roman blinds. Some designs you may want to consider are floral designs, geometric designs and many other prints you like. When there are patterns, prints and designs on your Roman blinds, it can add sophistication and vibrant to your room. Just make sure that it doesn’t get too extravagant or exaggerated and your motif of your house is still followed.

Our window is one of the most necessary and significant part of your house because it provides ample amount of light and ventilation to our whole house, but to balance the light our house is getting, we need some curtains and roman blinds. Make sure to purchase and choose the right kind of roman blinds for your house.

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I’m certain you have now ideas on what Roman blinds to pick! Best of luck!

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