Did you see an interesting video from YouTube, DailyMotion and Facebook that you wish to continue watching on repeat? The Y2Mate service might prove to be very beneficial. What is the Y2Mate program? Info. has developed Y2Mate. A central download platform. Y2Mate service This allows you to download audio/video offline from many streaming servicesContinue Reading

Google’s doodle to celebrate Pac-Man’s 30-year anniversary has been popular. This retro-themed game is a nostalgic reimagining the 1980s videogame. Pacman’s 30th Anniversary It has colorful graphics and sound effects that are engaging and were relatively affordable to make. It was very popular and often sold out. It’s easy to find a Pac-Man copyContinue Reading

The series of commercials that highlighted Colombia cultural and natural wonders was launched by the Colombian tourism board in 2008. They feature locals and visitors, speaking with thick accents that are specific to their regions, describing the country’s hospitality and climate. The commercials end with a man saying, with a chuckle, or “The danger is that you’llContinue Reading

Minecraft is one of the most educational and non-violent games. It teaches people the principles of programming, teamwork and project management. It also provides a great environment for creativity and outside-the-box thinking. 50 Things You Can Do in Minecraft That Will Not Get Bored of Minecraft is an amazing game thatContinue Reading

Developmental Milestones It is a time when many changes take place in your body, mind, Young Teens and social life. As puberty starts, hormones begin to change. Boys grow facial hair and pubic hair, and their voices become deeper. Girls grow breasts and pubic hair, and begin their periods. These changes can be scaryContinue Reading