In the NBA, there are several different positions, and a floor cleaner’s job has a very high salary. The average annual wage for a floor cleaner is $80,000. The job is very demanding, with constant walking on the court during game time. The work is often unappreciated, but this salaryContinue Reading

By Lou Fineberg National Account Manager This post first appeared in Strong Cities during his Cycling Week. The bike ring is a bike carrier, right? If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all … In fact, parking a bike isn’t that easy. I have been intensively involved in bicycle parkingContinue Reading

Television is another form of current affairs and news in any country or region; stories are often presented live in real time. However, the internet can also bring such benefits to news viewers and readers. In addition to articles full of popular news, there are websites that allow viewers toContinue Reading