Different types of masks and respirators (such as specialist filtering masks like “N95s”) offer varying degrees of protection. Layered fine-weaved items provide the most protection, well-fitting disposable medical masks and P2 face masks provide additional security, and adequately fitted NIOSH-approved respirators provide the best protection.  When purchasing a face mask,Continue Reading

Whether smartphones, tablets, or televisions, people spend more time using digital devices than ever before. Adults can devote up to six hours each day before a screen, while teens can spend seven hours. Your eye health thus is affected by screen use and blue light. Apart from this, the musculoskeletalContinue Reading

If you are like most people, you probably don’t think about feces all that often. But when it comes to fecal impaction, suddenly everyone is an expert! This condition occurs when stool becomes so dry and hard that it cannot pass easily through the rectum and out of the body.Continue Reading

For ages, herbal oils have been in use for aromatherapy. From Greece to China and from Rome to India, most medicinal cultures promoted the use of essential oils for over 5,000 years. The ancestral humans made these herbal oils after distilling the plant roots, leaves, flowers, barks, resins, and peelContinue Reading

Burns are unique types of injuries. They can be extremely painful, and the recovery process is almost always a long one. Burns are categorized by severity, ranging from first-degree burns to third-degree burns (and fourth-degree burns in rare cases). The severity of a burn is determined by how deeply itContinue Reading

About 150 million people do not have access to clean water and drink what is available in open reservoirs. About 260 million people have to walk an hour to get to a source of drinking water. Almost 1.5 billion spend about 30 minutes on their way to drinkable water. ThisContinue Reading

The world-famous nurse Florence Nightingale said about one of the essential areas in medicine: “Caring for the sick is the same art as painting and sculpturing”. Although the nurse is a doctor’s assistant in medical institutions and performs medical and paramedical appointments, she creates favorable conditions for the patient toContinue Reading