Who is Thomas Middelhoff? 

Thomas Middelhoff is a leading business consultant with an unparalleled business resume that ensures he is able to help business owners from industries and walks of life. Middelhoff, who is currently a member of the Global Advisory Board of the Oxford University Center for Corporate Reputation in Oxford, has held a supervisory board seat on multiple companies in the United States and Europe, including Barnes and Noble, Investcorp International Ltd., The Polestar Group Ltd, and the New York Times Company. He served as the Chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann AG for four years and was both chairman and founding partner for Pulse Capital Partners LLC and BLM Partners in London, England. Furthermore, Middelhoff specializes in merger and acquisition deals, having coordinated a whopping 120 of them throughout his career.

Middelhoff currently runs Middelhoff Consulting to enable new and established businesses to reach their full potential. For business owners who are starting a new company or changing the direction of an existing company, he offers an in-depth, detailed business analysis as well as an analysis of the competition. This enables a business owner to understand both the growth opportunities and the challenges he or she will face when getting a new business off the ground or reinventing a current business in order to boost revenue, lower overhead costs, and/or bring in new clients. What’s more, Middelhoff’s strategy consulting services also help a business owner identify critical issues that would prevent business growth and long-term success and deal with these in the most effective manner. 

Thomas Middelhoff also offers coaching services to business owners who want to learn new leadership and managerial skills. These coaching sessions are personalized to meet a business owner’s exact needs and personality type to enable clients to significantly improve their leadership skills in the shortest amount of time possible. Coaching sessions also cover issues related to short and long-term business growth, including goal-setting, performance improvement, and identification of business strengths that can be leveraged to boost growth and profits.

Not surprisingly, Middelhoff also offers specialized merger and acquisition assistance. He draws from his vast experience to help firms that are looking to acquire or merge with a new firm find the right company and investment bank to work with. Conversely, he works with companies that are considering selling off one or more company divisions to help them choose which portions of the company to put up for sale, select the right buyer, and communicate with the buyer to ensure the sale goes smoothly. He is familiar with merger/acquisition requirements in North America, Europe, and Asia, putting him in the unique position of being able to help companies expand their presence internationally and take advantage of lucrative business opportunities in other nations. What’s more, Middelhoff not only offers advice from the sidelines but also takes an active role in the deal by handling both dealer and managerial roles in tender/exchange offers. After negotiations, he also helps both parties close the deal. 

Thomas Middelhoff’s business management skills are difficult if not impossible to beat. He has a long-term reputation for healing companies grow exponentially in a relatively short period of time. His leadership skills have enabled him to build meaningful relationships with employees to enable them to reach their personal best while improving corporate culture to boost sales and profits. What’s more, he has a huge skill set of specialized skills that companies will want to leverage in order to make the most of potentially profitable business opportunities while avoiding common yet deadly pitfalls that could derail a business or even shut it down permanently. Business owners who are serious about professional and personal growth and progress will seriously want to consider working with Middelhoff and taking advantage of the training, information, and insight that he has to offer.

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