The Arc Thrift Store Management Team

The best part of shopping at the Arc Thrift store is knowing that your purchase helped someone in need. You can help people in your community by donating your unused items. You can also volunteer your time or join the staff at an Arc Thrift store. The possibilities are endless and it is a great way to make a difference in the world. You can also find a wide variety of goods in the store and make some new friends.


Interested in volunteering at Arc Thrift? There are plenty of opportunities for you at the thrift store. You can work any number of shifts or volunteer seven days a week, depending on your availability. Typical tasks include sorting donations, tagging merchandise, hanging clothing, stocking shelves, and straightening sales floors. Volunteers can also earn service hours and meet new people. Volunteers can choose to volunteer as individuals or as part of a group.

Volunteers at Arc Thrift Store help to provide financial and material support to the regional nonprofit organization. The thrift shop started in 1969, with just four volunteers and one sale per week. Today, it is operated by 40 volunteers. Volunteers work one or more days a week, or even every other weekend. Most volunteers give a couple of hours a week, while others give a little more. Volunteers also accept donations from local businesses and individuals.


The mission of arc Thrift Stores is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities and their families. The association serves as a fundraiser for a number of nonprofit organizations that sponsor programs and services for developmentally disabled citizens. Profits generated by the Thrift Stores are donated monthly to the nonprofits. These proceeds go towards the cost of running the Thrift Stores and supporting these organizations’ programs and services. This is a great way to support this great cause.

The Arc Thrift Stores have multiple locations in New Jersey. You can find ARC Thrift Stores in New Jersey using the map and business information. This map includes contact information and directions. For more information, call the nearest store or visit its website. You can also donate items at any of the stores. The ARC Thrift Stores are owned by The Arc of Bismarck, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting human rights.

ARC Thrift Stores are a wonderful place to find good quality items at a reduced price. Whether you are looking for clothing for yourself or to sell, you can find the perfect item at an ARC Thrift Store location. The stores generate the revenue needed for the ARC’s programs each year. By supporting ARC Thrift Stores, you can help fight hunger and homelessness. The stores are filled with items of every type.


In March, the Arc Thrift Store in Aurora closed for a month to undergo renovations. The store is located on Main Street and accepts donations of most items. These items include clothing, household goods, food, PPE items, scrubs, and cleaning supplies. It also accepts sewing machines, household items, and a variety of furniture. While the retail operations will remain closed until April 11, the thrift store will continue to accept donations.

The proceeds from Arc Thrift Stores support the programs of the nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities. The organization maintains a chain of thirty thrift stores throughout the state. People donate used clothing and household items to donate to the stores and the proceeds are donated to Arc Chapters and other programs. These stores have helped raise more than $25 million over the last ten years. The money raised by Arc Thrift Stores goes towards programs to help people with disabilities live full and independent lives.

The Arc is a major employer in Colorado and has over 300 employees. Since 2005, the Arc has received more than 100 million pounds of donated goods. Arc is prohibited from selling used mattresses and baby items due to recalls, but almost everything else is accepted. The organization also recycles nearly everything, including e-waste. This allows Arc to divert a substantial portion of its material from the landfill.


ARC Thrift Store has a management team to oversee and guide the store’s operations. ARC supervisors are dedicated to translating the company’s vision into reality by providing professional, creative, and diligent guidance. The managers hold themselves to high standards and are highly motivated business people. This makes them a unique team of business professionals. The following are some of the positive attributes that the Arc Thrift Store management team can offer their employees.

Despite the fact that the Arc Thrift Store is a social enterprise, it employs people with disabilities. The organization has been successful in attracting business community attention and a Denver University study. The founder, Lloyd, has a background in municipal investment banking and worked for a number of businesses before joining the Arc organization in 2003. His son has since become involved in the business and is a key member of the leadership team.

The ARC Thrift Shop has 650 employees, with zero female employees and 93 percent men. Employees are primarily White, Hispanic or Latino, and Black or African American. The average tenure of an employee at ARC Thrift Store is 2.6 years. The salary range varies greatly according to experience and skill level. The average age of an employee is twenty to thirty-five years old. It is possible to obtain a job at ARC Thrift Store by attending a local community college and completing a certification program in retail management.

Wishful donations

If you’re considering donating unwanted items, consider donating them to the Arc Thrift Stores. These nonprofits operate two locations, in Aurora and Denver, and are run by volunteers. During slow periods, these stores accept donations of gently used items. Donate anything that is less than fifty pounds, and it should be light enough to be lifted by a single driver. Don’t bring large items, such as furniture or built-in appliances, or electronics. Instead, bring smaller, flat-screen TVs and other electronics that can be lowered for donation.

Donating to the arc thrift store is an easy way to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. You can even make a donation in person. Arc Thrift Store volunteers are a convenient and fun way to help those in need. Founded in 1968, the Arc Thrift Stores have raised millions of dollars for chapters of The Arc in Colorado. And since the store is located in a neighborhood, you can donate there in a few minutes.


The Arc Thrift Store is located in Oxnard, California. The organization is run by volunteers and has a mission of serving people with disabilities. The store stocks more than 20,000 items every day. They also support environmental sustainability, as environmental change disproportionately impacts people with disabilities. Thrifting gives items a second life and makes a positive difference in people’s lives. You can support the mission of The Arc by thrifting items from the Value Village.

The arc Thrift Stores have been serving people with disabilities for 52 years. Their mission is to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. Volunteers have the opportunity to help at one of the thrift stores and other arc programs. Earlier Denver chapters relied on bake sales and bingo nights to raise funds to support the thrift stores. This was done through coordinated fundraising efforts and small fundraisers. Several Denver-area Arc chapters now rely on the success of the thrift stores to finance their programs.


Lloyd Lewis, CEO of Arc Thrift Stores, is an intense, Type A personality who enjoys working hard and solving problems. In addition to his hurried and intense nature, Lewis is also the father of Kennedy, a second-young son who has Down syndrome. His ardent enthusiasm for helping others has earned him the World Citizenship Award from Civitan International. In addition, Lewis has a passion for social justice and is a champion of environmental causes.

Arc Thrift Stores of Colorado, a nonprofit corporation with 31 locations, is one of the most significant funders of advocacy for people with disabilities in Colorado. Since its founding in 1968, the organization has donated more than $120 million to various advocacy programs throughout the state. The nonprofit organization is affiliated with The Arc of the United States, and Colorado’s chapter works to help people with disabilities find jobs and access health services.

Lloyd has a passion for creating a strong retail organization. He is a champion of hiring people with disabilities and is a big advocate for inclusive business practices. He has worked in municipal investment banking, corporate finance, and a variety of businesses before joining the nonprofit. He joined the Arc Thrift Stores organization in 2003, shortly after the company’s first store opened in Colorado. Lloyd is a dedicated member of the board of directors.

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