If you’re visiting Mexico City, a Mexican grocery store may not seem like a foreign concept. There are many types of Mexican grocery store, but the major ones are chain-style supermarkets, such as Soriana, Chedraui, Mega, and Walmart. Many Americans know these names and have memberships at Sam’s Club and Costco. Having a familiar brand can make shopping at a Mexican grocery store easier and more convenient.

El Chavo

Roslindale Square is home to the small but well-stocked El Chavo Mexican products store. Operated by Alejandro Rodriguez and Lucy Galvan, this market is a treasure trove of Mexican goods. Find fresh and dried chilies, cheeses, chorizos, homemade tamales, cinnamon-scented Mexican chocolate, and imported Mexican cookies, among many other products. You can even purchase Coca-Cola bottled in Mexico.

The smaller stores often do not carry frozen foods, which Americans are used to. Mexican grocery store usually have fresh meat on display, so you can pick out what you want. You can even choose what cut you want to eat. You can also purchase sausages, such as chorizo, and thinly sliced meat. The store may also carry packaged bread, but you will probably not have to weigh it yourself. In fact, you may find it easier to just choose what you want and leave the rest to the store.

Tienda Morelos has eight locations in the city, and has won several “Best of” awards from local publications. In addition to their full-service grocery, they also feature an in-house taqueria. You’ll find plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as freshly baked pan dulce. Other items you can buy in the store include spices, dairy products, and even bus tickets to Mexico.

Another option for Mexican groceries is to order online. Most of these stores ship directly to your doorstep. You can choose from a wide range of imported Mexican brands and products. The website of each one lists hundreds of items, including the calories and ingredients. Some even publish recipes, so you can choose the most authentic Mexican products. You can even make your own salsa from scratch – the options are almost endless! But when it comes to finding authentic Mexican items, Mexican grocery store are the way to go.

Plaza Garibaldi

When the time comes to stock up on the staple foods of Mexico, shoppers should visit the new Plaza Garibaldi Mexican grocery store, opening July 29. Located near the intersection of Augusta Road and Jarvis Klapman Boulevard, the new store has a Mexican Tex-Mex restaurant, tortilleria, bakery, and bar. The store is a perfect location, as it’s near a popular Walmart in West Columbia.

You’ll find plenty of parking and the bill rarely exceeds $15. The Mexican food offered here is some of the best in the area, and you’ll be satisfied with your choice. The restaurant offers three main meals daily, with prices that are affordable and a good value. It also serves free wireless Internet for its patrons. You can even place an order for takeout online. While the service is casual, it is well worth the time.


A little Mexican deli in the heart of Manhattan serves fresh produce and pantry items from Mexico. The owners, Hector and Maria Martinez, have moved to the United States from a small town in Puebla, and they have been running the store for years. Guacci has a family in Puebla, and visited them during Day of the Dead, a popular holiday in Mexico. Despite the location in Manhattan, Guacci’s love for Mexico is evident in her store’s name.

Located half a block from the main drag of the city, the Zaragoza Mexican Deli has been open for over 10 years and has an impressive selection of Central American and Mexican foods. It’s open late, and it’s a safe haven for bar patrons who are hungover and need to buy groceries. You’ll be able to grab a sandwich or a tamale at the prepared food counter.

Another notable chain of Mexican grocery store is El Super, which owns 58 stores in the Los Angeles area. It also owns four stores in the Phoenix area and three in Las Vegas. At last count, Grupo Chedraui operated 217 Mexican grocery store as of March 2015.

If you’re a foodie, a stop at Zaragoza’s bodega-cocina is a must. Maria Martinez, affectionately known as “Mama” by her customers, chops cilantro and onions for the guacamole, cleans every bean, and fries tortilla chips. Maria Martinez opened the bodega in 2000, and the store is aptly named after the town of Zaragoza de la Luz.

La Palma taqueria

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, look no further than this tiny grocery store and taqueria located at 2040 Indianapolis Blvd. in Whiting, Indiana. The owner, El Chavo, sources some of the most unique and difficult-to-find Mexican products. His extensive selection includes guava, jicama, dozens of varieties of dried chiles, herbs, and cheeses. You’ll also find plenty of fresh produce, as well as some amazing meat, fruits, and vegetables.

The taqueria inside La Palma grocery store is a great place to grab a bite to eat while you shop for your Mexican groceries. You can choose from a variety of hot tortillas filled with various ingredients, as well as masa-based sopes and huaraches. The store also sells loose dried chiles, spices, and other items for the kitchen. The taqueria also serves up traditional Mexican sodas and is famous for its moles.

The price of Mexican groceries is very reasonable, as they often sell their products for less than the same items at standard grocery stores in the U.S. Mexican food is fresh and has few preservatives, making it healthier than many other options available on the market. And unlike some grocery stores, Mexican sweets are also unique and delicious. In addition to taqueria food, Mexican grocery store also carry a wide selection of cakes and pastries.

There aren’t many Mexican grocery store in Alabama, but there are a couple in the state. In addition to serving traditional Mexican snacks and pastries, La Palma taqueria also offers a full-scale taqueria and a bakery filled with case after case of tasty Mexican pastries. This Portland-based grocer draws a large crowd with its full-scale taqueria and extensive Mexican bakery. In addition to tacos, it sells cajeta, a typical Mexican pastry.

Mercado de la Raza

The veteran South American grocery store serves both the local population and the tourist population with imported foods, groceries, and cooking supplies. The store carries everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to imported meats and cooking supplies. For a taste of home in Mexico, try Mercado de la Raza. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the culture and taste of Mexico without breaking the bank.

Located at Plaza Fiesta, this market is surrounded by Mexican businesses and peddles an assortment of fresh staples. The market has a bakery on site for fresh bread and pastries. One of the owners of the store, Martha Sanchez, also owns Mercado de la Raza, which specializes in fresh staples. On the second and last Saturdays of every month, she makes tamales for sale.

The prices at Mexican grocery store are much lower than those of a normal grocery store in the United States. In addition, the food is generally prepared fresh and contains fewer preservatives. Most of the items in the store are also more nutritious than the ones found in most U.S. grocery stores. Mexican sweets are a must for any Mexican cuisine, and the assortment of Mexican pastries and cakes in the grocery section is impressive.

There are several stores in Denver. The largest one is Mercado de la Raza, which is a Mexican grocery store chain with nearly 100 outposts. It has a full selection of Mexican staples, including a fruteria with a sweets section, carniceria, deli, and a variety of Hispanic cheeses. The Mexican grocery chain also has a cafeteria that serves authentic Mexican food.

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