Exer Urgent Care Review

Exer Urgent Care is Southern California’s fastest growing alternative emergency room. These doctors and health professionals specialize in emergency care and can treat many common injuries and illnesses. Services include physical exams, pharmacy, diagnostics, and more, all at prices that are more affordable than most traditional hospitals. To learn more, visit Exer Urgent Care on the PitchBook Platform. This company also accepts most PPOs and Medicare. If you’re interested in learning more about Exer Urgent Care, read on.

Exer Urgent Care is Southern California’s fastest-growing ER alternative facility

With over 27 locations in Southern California, Exer Urgent Care offers a more comprehensive range of medical services than your typical walk-in urgent care center. In-house X-Ray, labs and diagnostic services help Exer provide superior medical care for urgent conditions. Using the latest technology, patients can consult with an ER physician via video chat, even if they cannot be seen right away.

With one-third of emergency room visits in California not involving a true medical emergency, hospitals and other health systems are trying to find new ways to improve patient care. The Exer Urgent Care alternative facility works with local hospitals and health systems to alleviate the burden on emergency departments by providing on-site services. Its locations can treat 80 percent of the average ER caseload each day, and patients can enjoy minimal waiting times and reduced costs.

Exer’s Westwood clinic is the latest addition to the Los Angeles area. The company’s expansion into the Westside area follows the successful opening of its Manhattan Beach clinic last month. It plans to open more locations in Southern California throughout 2019.

Exer offers convenient appointments with an ER doctor and a pharmacy. Most insurance plans are accepted and payment options are affordable. Exer’s clinics serve San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay and Westside residents. Moreover, patients can view their test results and discharge information at the convenience of their homes. It’s easy to see why Exer Urgent Care is becoming Southern California’s fastest-growing ER alternative facility.

The Exer Urgent Care facility in Redondo Beach is more comprehensive than your average urgent care clinic. It offers on-site labs, a pharmacy, and ER physicians. Exer’s virtual care option, VirtualCare by Exer, will help patients receive a higher level of medical care. VirtualCare by Exer allows patients to communicate with doctors from anywhere through video chat. The company is in the process of opening a second location in Redondo Beach and offers a complete ER alternative.

It accepts most PPOs

When it comes to emergency care, Exer Urgent Care is the answer for fast and convenient access to highly-trained ER physicians. The company’s California locations are conveniently located throughout Southern California, and have everything you need for an emergency. Exer’s on-site PRC lab processes COVID-19 and PCR tests, and is equipped to treat 80 percent of ER cases in less than two hours. In addition to collaborating with local hospitals, Exer Urgent Care offers virtual video chat with doctors to provide you with immediate access to information.

Exer accepts most PPOs, HMOs, and Medicare. Their skilled staff treats a range of common daily medical needs, from lacerations to coughs, sore throats, and pneumonia to shortness of breath, sinusitis, and abscess drainage. Additionally, they treat ear pain, back and neck pain, sprains, and kidney infections. Some urgent care centers accept Medicare and Medicaid.

Exer Urgent Care offers an alternative to the emergency room, staffed with board-certified Emergency Medicine physicians. In-person care at these clinics is provided by experienced ER doctors, and patients can queue up online. The virtual queue makes it easy for patients to avoid waiting in long lines at traditional urgent care centers. The system also allows patients to maintain a social distance while queuing for an appointment.

Most insurance providers accept Exer – More Than Urgent Care, so it’s possible to get care without breaking the bank. You’ll pay the same as you would at a standard urgent care facility and most PPOs and HMOs are accepted. For those without health insurance, cash prices are also available. This means that Exer is a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

It offers affordable non-insurance payment options

The ER is still the best place to get medical care, but with the increasing number of urgent care options, patients can be confused about where to go. It’s true that 90% of ER visits could be treated at an urgent care center. While emergency rooms are still the best choice for serious illnesses and injuries, urgent care centers are often convenient and affordable. Read on to find out how these centers differ from ERs.

Many urgent care centers can serve patients without insurance, and can often offer affordable self-pay rates. Some even offer discount programs to frequent patients. Some also offer payment plans for imaging services, which typically increase the bills for patients. It’s a good idea to research the cost of urgent care services in your area before you visit, and call to inquire about their payment options. It’s important to remember that urgent care is typically less expensive than emergency care, so it is a good idea to know how much you can expect to pay before you get sick or injured.

While some urgent care centers accept insurance, others don’t. Before you visit an urgent care center, it’s best to call ahead and find out whether it accepts your specific health insurance plan. Ask about affordable non-insurance payment options, and make sure to bring a valid insurance card to avoid getting turned down. This way, you’ll know the price before you go. Using Solv’s tool, you’ll be able to decide which urgent care center to visit.

If you’re uninsured or underinsured, it’s a good idea to use a service like Solv to find an urgent care center in your area. This website lists cash/self-pay prices for each clinic in the area. You can also use Solv to book an appointment and compare prices. This will save you time and money by avoiding the hassles associated with emergency care.

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