What to Do If You Get Injured at Work

Workplace injuries can be caused due to a number of reasons. Falls can happen in the construction sector due to inadequate precautions. Fire hazards and burns can occur in a restaurant kitchen. Crashes can happen and public transport drivers can get hurt. The bottom line is, work accidents happen every day all over the world. Following the right course of action after a workplace accident can often be the difference between a good recovery and low financial cost versus the injury getting worse due to not being addressed and the employee receiving no compensation. So, what should employees do? Here are the steps to follow after a workplace injury.

Get Your Injury Checked

Your priority needs to be the injury. Per the advice of reputed workers compensation attorneys Chicago, you should ask for first aid or immediate medical attention, depending on the severity of the injury. Even seemingly minor injuries can turn dangerous if not treated on time. So, prioritize your wound or injury. Insist on getting treated even if there is resistance. 

Report the Accident to Your Colleagues and Supervisor

Let your colleagues and supervisors know about the injuries. An email is better than verbal communication (although verbal communication is better than nothing). An email keeps a record of your intimation about the injury. Some states insist that workplace injuries be flagged to the company heads. Also, some employers can pressurize workers and employees to carry on as if there is no injury. Make sure you stand firm and document your injury and subsequent treatment. 

Document via Photographs and Videos

A lot of injuries can outwardly heal very quickly. So, take photographic and video evidence of your injuries from the time you’re hurt, if you or someone around you is able. This type of evidence is helpful when you’re filing a compensation claim. It also ensures your employer cannot deny the incident.

Keep a Detailed Diary About Symptoms

Often, even the hospital won’t list out all the symptoms and wounds you’ve suffered. This can affect your claim for compensation. To avoid being challenged later, record all your symptoms. You can also email them to your doctor.

Check In with Your Doctor and Hospital Regularly

Claims can sometimes take years to be settled. You might not remember how your injury affected you over the years. So, if there is persistent pain or symptoms, follow up with your doctors about it so there is a record of the incident-related pain and aftermath.

Don’t Forget to File the Claim

Find a good workers’ compensation lawyer and file a claim to receive damages. In the aftermath of the injury, filing a claim can often take a backseat. While your first priority should be your recovery, filing a claim as soon as you are able can ease the financial burden of treatment costs for you and your family. 

You deserve to expect safety and security at the workplace. Workplace injuries should be taken seriously. Treat your injury, keep a record of the incident, and make sure you follow up. 

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