Five Practical Ways to Carry Your Essentials

No one wants to be lumbered carrying more than they need from A to B, but everyone has essential items they need with them when they leave the house. For some it might be as simple as a cell phone and a house key, and for others it will be more. Depending on your lifestyle, age and where you are headed, you’ll have different needs, but these practical solutions to carrying your belongings will ensure you look great and have everything you need.


If you are traveling light, you may be able to fit everything you need in your pockets. Look for jackets that have zip-up pockets to keep your essentials safe and don’t be fooled by fake pockets on jeans – check them out before you buy!

Fanny Packs

These eighties waist bags are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, especially with youngsters and festival goers. Perfect for when you need more than you can fit in your pocket, fanny packs can easily carry a phone, wallet, sunglasses, lipstick and a small deodorant cannister. They’re great for trips to the beach or going to a concert, and they’re bang on trend.


A classic backpack is the go-to item for many of us when we have lots to carry, which is fine – but how many times have you been traipsing around with a half-empty bag weighing your down? Invest in a smaller backpack for days when you don’t have as much to carry, such as when out walking and you want to take your water bottle and a bag of chips alongside your wallet, phone, and sunscreen. Save your larger bag for when you have work to transport between home and the office or, if you have kids who are transporting a laptop between school and home, Lenovo school backpacks are great for keeping their technology safe.


For spa trips or overnight stays, a holdall is ideal. You may be able to fit everything you need into a large backpack, but clothes can get crumpled when squashed into a small space. Save yourself the job of ironing when you reach your destination by using a holdall instead and limit what you take to things you’ll use. Do you really need three pairs of shoes for that one night away? Find out in advance if the place you are staying is providing towels – these are bulky items you will be grateful not to carry unless necessary.


Sometimes there’s no other alternative – you’ll need a suitcase to carry your belongings. Modern suitcases with wheels are far more convenient than those from the last century, making cross-country and international travel much easier, but with weight restrictions on luggage you will still want to limit your cargo where possible. Better still, find a small case that you can take on the plane rather than put in the hold. It will save you time after landing.

However you carry your belongings, don’t be complacent. Always keep them on your person or within easy reach. It is far better to be safe than sorry.

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