The 961 – What is the Meaning of this Arabic Word?

The 961 – What does this Arabic word mean? This Arabic number has often been used in the Arab world, especially on text messages and social media profiles, but few people know what it means and where it came from. itself can be written in Arabic numerals or in English letters as the Arabic word عشرون (ʻAsharūn). Here’s everything you need to know about the word 961 and what it means to Arabs today.

Who are we?

The as a prefix in English doesn’t normally do anything. So when we say The United States, what does it mean? Why are we capitalizing the? Because it’s a proper noun. Proper nouns are names that refer to specific people, places, or things and they’re usually capitalized because they’re technically names. Even though most of us just call them countries, states, or cities—because that’s what they are—they’re still technically named entities with their own distinct identities.  If you look at any map of these places, you’ll see why they need to be called by name. But if you look at maps from centuries ago, you’ll notice that these same places were referred to by different names. For example: We know China today as China but back then it was called Cathay (or something similar). And even though we now use China for both the country and its inhabitants, there was once a time when these two terms were used separately.

Why was this website created?

Most people know what Al Qaida means. It’s not just an organization, but also a location. However, Al Qaida’s name actually translates to the base. And that base is located in Afghanistan – not Iraq or anywhere else. So why then does Western media report that Osama bin Laden was killed in Abottabad, Pakistan? It doesn’t make sense to any Arab speaker for several reasons… Find out more about it!  You can read a detailed explanation on The 961 website. You can find answers to questions like: Why did we create The 961? Who are we and how did we come up with such an idea? How do you pronounce 961? Where can I read more articles on The 961? Can I contact you if I have questions or comments regarding The 961 and its content? Do you think 9/11 should be written as 911? Why do we think so, and what are your opinions on that matter?

Who did you ask about the meaning of ‘961’?

As it turns out, I didn’t have to go far to get answers. My parents told me that they remember a book written in 1970 by Egyptian author Muhammad Shukri, called A Simple Egyptian Explanation for ‘961’. In it, Shukri describes a very concise and thorough interpretation of what he thinks ‘961’ means. He says there are two parts to ‘961’: The first part – three double-digit numbers (96), followed by a single-digit number (1) – represents human nature and how we think. The second part represents God’s nature. Therefore, when you put together both parts, you see that God created human beings with an inclination toward good and righteous deeds; but men free will often leads him astray from that path.

Our conclusion about the true meaning of ‘961’ (and why it may not be as simple as it seems)

True to its name, ‘961’ is a combination of Arabic numbers, but what does it mean in reality? Let’s take a closer look… Our first observation (as mentioned above) is that ‘961’ appears to be a combination of numbers: 1+3+6=10. If we convert 10 into letters by using their numerical values in our alphabet (A=1 B=2 C=3 etc), we get: Y + S + W + R + T. Some suggest that YSWR means Syria war, but there are issues with these interpretations: * The middle letter ‘Y’ never occurs in words used for war-related purposes or references to Syria or Iraq, so there may be something else going on here.

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