Hiring an Apprentice in Sydney: A Short Definitive Guide 

Energetic, eager, and potential long-term assets; apprentices can offer a unique edge to your business. As an entrepreneur, hiring such trainees can be a lucrative decision. 

Leveraging the dynamic and young workforce seems like an evident decision, keeping in mind the statistics you’ll see below. Big or small, you can use a suitable apprentice hire in the Sydney service to find relevant Aussie talent. However, you should understand some fundamental aspects of apprenticeships and traineeships.

The statistics are certainly in your favour if you are a businessman based in Sydney. Post pandemic, New South Wales witnessed a 77% surge in apprenticeships that helped companies get back on track. 

This article aims to simplify your process of hiring your next apprentice in the massive Sydney talent pool.

Vital Facets of Apprenticeships in Sydney

In Australia, apprenticeships and traineeships are on-job training arrangements with a nationally recognised qualification.

These training are skill-based contracts that you can formulate on a mutual basis. Generally, the following categories of people pursue an apprenticeship:

  • School pass-outs or leavers
  • Professionals who intend to change their careers
  • Citizens who want to re-enter the workforce

Overall, Aussies belonging to these categories are motivated to acquire new skills. Hence, you can benefit from their vigour and dedication.

What Are Your Responsibilities Towards Apprentices?

You can connect with several talented people through dedicated apprentice hire in the Sydney firms. Hence, finding suitable talent is not a colossal challenge.

As an entrepreneur, it is vital to understand your obligations in apprentice tenure. Here are general responsibilities that you should fulfil after hiring the right talent in Sydney:

  • Adhere to the NSW government’s wages and entitlements rules
  • Offer regular supervision, mentoring, and support to recruits
  • Provide a pay slip record and adequate leaves
  • Complete the official state training contract

Apart from these core responsibilities, you must arrange a separate training contract and plan. For in-depth guidance, you can connect with Training Services NSW.

How to Find the Best Candidates in Sydney

Apprenticeships can be school-based, part-time, or full-time. They usually last for three to four years and fall under government regulation.

Hence, you need to assess these practical terms before hiring the best candidates. After understanding all the terms, it is time to follow some helpful candidate search tips.

Contact a Reliable Group Training Organisation (GTO)

Professional GTOs help recruit, manage and place potential apprentices in Sydney. Hence, contacting such agencies can reduce any hassle in the search process.

Moreover, you end up saving time, money, and receive legal advice without any delay.

Approach Local Career Advisers

If you want to recruit young apprentices, reach out to specific schools in Sydney. These institutes have advisers who can connect you with talented candidates.

However, you will end up streamlining your search only to young candidates.

Advertise Your Requirement

Local apprenticeship ads can be another potential option for finding the best candidates in Sydney. Still, you will need to screen the applicants individually in this case.

Contacting a GTO or career adviser can be more convenient than this approach.

In a Nutshell

Apprentices and trainees can offer new insights into your workflow. Also, you can avail of government subsidies for a specific duration. Hence, it is crucial to understand the requirements, responsibilities, and ways to find suitable candidates.

As an employer, adhering to New South Wales rules is crucial for hiring the right talent. So, stay aware of your obligations and approach a trusted Sydney GTO or career adviser to connect with potential prospects. 

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