A Guide to Selecting the Right Style of Blinds for Your Home

Every piece of furniture and accessory in your home must be in sync. Right from the colours to the textures, it should be harmonious and easy on the eyes. So, whether you’re selecting the upholstery or the blinds, it must all come together.

With the world now shifting to shopping online, choosing the right style can be challenging. And now the big question is, how to select blinds online? So read on to get an understanding of how to select the right blinds for your home.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Blinds

Here is a concise list of 4 factors to consider when shopping for blinds:

  1. Material

The first step to selecting blinds is selecting the material. While all the materials add a fantastic look to your room, select the one which best fits the theme. And here are all the types of materials for blinds you get to choose from:

  • Wood – Available in multiple shades ranging from light to dark. These blinds create an earthy and warm ambience.
  • Faux Wood – These are far more durable than real wood blinds and are best suited for humid rooms.
  • Vertical – If your windows are wide, vertical blinds are the best, most durable option. Besides, they offer maximum control over the incoming light.
  • Thermal – As the name suggests, these blinds conserve the heat inside and keep you warm. This is important as 40% of the heat is lost through windows. 
  • Aluminium – These blinds are mostly used in bedrooms and living rooms since they add an elegant look.
  • Natural Fabric – Made from cotton or other light fabrics, these blinds add a very soft ambience to the space and block just enough light. 

Depending on your personal taste, you have a wide variety of blind types to select from. And you are sure to find the perfect blind given your space. 

  1. Style

The next category is the style of the blind which includes:

  • Roller – These affordable blinds follow a simple cord pull system. They roll up to allow light to enter the room.
  • Roman – Operated using a pulley mechanism, these formal blinds are usually made of natural fabric. 
  • Venetian – If you opt for this style, you get the option of wood, aluminium, and faux wood type of blinds. They allow greater control over the light coming in.
  • Vertical – These elegant blinds slide in the left-right direction and offer maximum control over incoming light. 
  • Pleated – Easy to operate and understated; these are great for preventing glare. 
  1. Window

Given the style and material of blinds, they all have different operating mechanisms. As such, you may select a blind style based on the furniture in your home and the type of windows. Also, do not forget to consider the accessibility to the window and select a blind type accordingly. For instance, wider windows and vertical blinds make a great combination. Long glass doors and roller blinds, too, work very well together.

  1. Light Control

Another consideration to make while selecting blinds is the amount of control you want over the incoming light.

For maximum control, the most suitable options include Venetian, wood, and vertical blinds. While, if you only wish to regulate the glare coming in, natural fabric and pleated blinds make the best options.

You will come across several options for blinds. However, choose the one that fits all your requirements and design specifications. With this guide, buying blinds online should be a breeze now.

So with the right blinds, you can accentuate your home space. Lastly, you can give it a vintage or modern touch, as per your personal choice. 

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