The Great Mesh Debate: Welded Wire or Woven Wire 

Which type of wire mesh is better for security? Welded or woven? Both types of fencing have pros and cons, which is what we will discuss in today’s blog.

Let’s first define each type of wire mesh. What is welded wire mesh? The simplest way to describe welded mesh is when two layers are placed at right angles across each other and then welded together at their intersections. This creates a strong point of intersection that is unbreakable when cut.

Woven mesh, on the other hand, is exactly what it sounds. Two layers of wire are interwoven under and over each other. The points of intersection of these wire layers are much more flexible than welded mesh. However, this flexibility comes with a risk. Because they are not welded wires, but merely woven together the intersection points can easily unravel if cut. This is similar to chain link, but woven.


What type of safety barrier is better: welded, wired, or chain-link? Welded is the definitive answer. A welded fence is rigid and will not allow any projectile or robotic part to pass it. However, a weave fence is too flexible. You can make a welded fence with smaller openings. This allows for less debris to fly out. Click here for more information about Machine Guarding. 


Welded is preferred for security reasons. The flexibility of a woven or chain-link fence allows for easier climbing. The wire’s give is greater, making it easier to grasp and hold onto the wires. A welded wire fence is rigid and can be difficult to climb due to its smaller openings. These grids are ideal for data center security. Anybody trying to steal data or information would have to be stopped from getting through the security fence around the data center’s computers.


You should consider durability and flexibility when designing a storage unit. There are two options: woven or welded. Welded mesh is the best choice if you want your items to last as long as the locker in which they are stored. With its strong cross points, inflexible openings, and strength, welded wire is more durable than woven or chain-link fences. Welded fences are more versatile than either woven or chain link fencing. A welded fence is ideal for installing units in garages or basements. It can be easily cut around pipes or other obstructions without compromising the integrity of the wire. This is not to say that woven mesh wire mesh can’t be used in certain situations. In some situations, a flexible fence may be required that can spring back when something strikes it (think livestock or baseball). This is when a woven or link fence is more preferable than a wire fence. Welded wire mesh is the best choice for safety, security, and storage.

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