Sakura is Naruto’s Most Disrespected Hero. Boruto Made It Worse

Sakura is the most underutilized character in Naruto’s history. Unfortunately, this only gets worse when you look at Boruto. Although Sakura was the most popular female ninja in Naruto, it is hard to believe that she could have so much more potential.

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Shonen Manga’s Three Most Powerful Women Unite In Fist-Pumping Fanart Boruto’s Failure Actually Started Before Naruto Even Began Although Sakura is a prominent character in Boruto as Sarada’s mother and a powerful healer, her role is very limited. Sakura spends most Boruto caring for Sarada and worrying about Sasuke when he’s on missions. Sakura is essentially a single mom, with Sasuke often away. Sakura has plenty of time to do this too. She is often left out of bigger fights, such as Naruto’s fight against Ishhiki. Sakura’s role as a caretaker in Boruto is even more important than the original.

While Sakura can be a caretaker in her own right, Boruto doesn’t recognize her as anything more than that. She also neglects to follow up on the character development she made from Naruto. She had a crush on Sasuke for so much of the original series. Her journey was about finding value in herself. She’s now back feeling alone without Sasuke in Boruto. This loneliness is not something that should be a problem in their relationship, but it’s often ignored. Sakura should be upset more about Sasuke’s missions, no matter how important they are. In this light, her arc in Naruto becomes tragic. He’s not actually here, but she finally marred the man of her dreams.

However, none of this is to say that her appearances on Boruto were bad. She is the best parent in the series and her job as Konoha’s Medical Department Director is a natural step. She’s a better parent than Naruto and Sasuke. It’s still disappointing that Boruto didn’t do more for the franchise’s most important female Ninja.

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