I have always felt a connection with blue-beaked, chic people because I am ambiguous in my appearance. GONZO, A TRUE ICON IN STYLE

It’s amazing to me how many times I fail to communicate my style to others, especially for someone who takes so much pride in their clothes. Instead of trying to explain my style in vain, I just try to describe it as a collection of influences. I have always admired the punk and glam rock bands of the 1970s. It’s not surprising that I took inspiration from David Bowie and Iggy pop. This is why I prefer statement pieces to complete my outfits. A Los Angeles gay man, I also love leopard print.

I believed for a long time that I was aware of all these influences. My ex sent me a meme and it changed everything.

You see that little guy in upper right? That’s Gonzo. He is the resident daredevil from The Muppets. His style is as wild as his art, with bright colors and bold patterns in his wardrobe.


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It makes perfect sense, all of which is just to say that I would be influenced greatly by this maverick fashion. It was just something I didn’t know. All of the credit went to Gregg Araki, Iggy Pop, and Bowie. I was actually ripping off the years drip of Gonzo all the time.

It all started around 2017, I would say. It was then that I began to move away from the muted flannels, which had been my favorite overshirt, and started trading them for patterned button downs. Although I was still exuberant, decadent and exuberant as I am today, there was a time when I didn’t have the time to make art. Comfort and convenience were my top priorities.

and experiencing a lot more stress

After losing my job and my home, and experiencing a lot more stress, I wanted to decorate my body. It was like stress relief. What’s more decorative than brightly colored floral shirts?

My favorite is the Christmas aloha shirt. Although I have accumulated many more offensive button-downs over the years, this shirt with red hibiscus flowers on it and the surfing Santa Clauses is my favorite.

My jocking Gonzo’s steez extended

The fits jacking did not stop there. My jocking Gonzo’s steez extended to his casual wear and to his performance gear. He’s a daredevil in stage and fashion, wearing everything from brightly colored leotards, to full-on catsuits. Even though I don’t have his exact style, atalways imitate it. From my wide-eyed smile and open-mouth smile, to the way that I pose my noodley legs, even though I may not be copying his look. This is how I feel most comfortable.

I rarely wear skirts or dresses

They also question my body and clothing choices. I rarely wear skirts or dresses. Although I would lie if I said that the confusion about my existence doesn’t make it funny, I do find it amusing. People often realize how their interactions are shaped by the assumptions they make when they aren’t able to read you.

Gonzo knows exactly what I mean. One thing that is consistent throughout The Muppets franchise is that nobody can figure out his species. As someone with ambiguity in my appearance, big eyes, aquiline beak, and a gangly body, I have always felt a connection to the blue-beaked performer and stuntman. 

 He sounds like a Magnet Fields song.

He has his dapper moments but Gonzo is more of a campy fem than anything. He is equal parts exuberant and darling. He’s not trying to be strange, it’s just the way he is. Gonzo’s performance art and stunts often go wrong, but he doesn’t let it stop him from following his own path. His attitude towards life and fashion is both serene and absurd.

The Muppet Movie where Gonzo is holding

Gonzo is my favorite Muppet because of his love for the absurd. Both of us have an attraction for pain to get endorphins. He gets his fix by performing strange stunts, and I get mine from dating sadistic woman dommes. However, we both have an exhibitionism streak (and similar tastes when it comes to fetish gear).

My admirers are not the only ones who have jumped on the Gonzo fashion train. GQ reported that men’s fashion ” has finally caught up to the Muppets with all of Gonzo’s vibrant suits and stylish sweater vests being in fashion. Many of his admirers consider him a style icon. Some fans even point out that Harry Styles’ fashion sense was clearly influencedby Gonzo the Great. He is an iconoclast in aesthetics, acknowledging it on Twitter.

Gonzo, like Miss Piggy is the only Muppet to ever wear clothes! Miss Piggy is a long-standing icon of fashion. She has modeled for Marc Jacobs VivienneWestwood and Prada. Kermit the Frog, a perpetually nude, has even modeled for Adidas as well as Armani. It’s high time that Gonzo gets his own Supreme collection. He should have a collaboration with Christian Louboutin. The world is ready.

Gonzo taught me many valuable lessons, even if it was only recently. No matter what cost, be yourself. Do something so that you can claim you did it. He taught me how to mix patterns loudly and often and how to use a golden eyeshadow on the upper lids. Thanks, bud.

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