Ray Weathers: How can you learn more playing basketball

Ray Weathers is an unrivalled athlete when it comes to athleticism. Ray Weathers is an athlete in all aspects who has been playing basketball for over two decades. His success spans three sports: basketball, acting, and directing. Continue reading to discover more about this amazing talent. Ray can be contacted in many ways. We’ll be discussing acting, basketball, entrepreneurship in this article. Below are some ways you can learn more about Ray.

Basketball player

Ray Weathers‘ life is a great example of a story that inspires young people. In the early 2020s, Ray Weathers and his wife, a former Michigan State Guard guard, founded the Train Up A Champion leadership program. This was during the year of both the George Floyd murder and the COVID-19 pandemic. Weathers and Angela believe in helping young people find their true self, and not only within basketball.

Weathers is a veteran of the NBA and has been a player for the Phoenix Suns twice in 2003-04. Weathers has also been a member of the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) with teams in China and Japan. He has also played professionally in China and Japan as well as the Dominican Republic. Weathers’ professional career spans more than 30 years, with stints with the Houston Rockets and the Detroit Pistons.


Ray Weathers was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He has a long and active career in the arts. He has directed television shows as well as his film career. His most recent TV production was The Mandalorian in which he played the role of Greef Karga, bounty hunter. The sci-fi series was also known for its pioneering green-screen technology. This allowed actors to better visualize their surroundings. Weathers was also a director and wrote one episode of The Siege. He was inducted into The International Mustache Hall of Fame along with Albert Einstein, Hulk Hogan, and Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Former NFL star Weathers has expressed philosophical views about the changing audience. He said, “Adapt to the times but try to please those who are buying the tickets!” Weathers stated that, in addition to his many films and television appearances, he also wants to appear in the British crime drama Sexy Beast. Weathers enjoys acting and also produces films. He is also a skilled producer.

Weathers is passionate about sports and acting in addition to his role as an actor. Weathers has been a producer on numerous television shows, including Action Jackson. Weathers was a police officer and starred in the role of a demotional detective who investigated criminal activities of a business heir. Although the film was widely criticized, Weathers retained his passion for the game and became an American coach to Iraqi immigrants.


Ray Weathers, one of few entrepreneurs who have a passion for their work, is one of very few to make it a full-time career. Ray donates his time to many nonprofits, including the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation for Haiti and the EDEYO Foundation for Haiti. This latter organization is dedicated to providing opportunities for underprivileged Haitian youth. Weathers’ entrepreneurial spirit has made him a leading speaker in his field and is a testimony to his business acumen.

Former college basketball star, he played for Michigan State basketball and retired later. He co-founded the Train Up A Champion leadership program with Angela. The institute was created to help young people find their potential and succeed outside of sports. Ray Weathers is an entrepreneur who combines his passion for sports with a flair for business to develop innovative solutions. He is now retired from basketball but he continues to mentor young people as an entrepreneur.

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