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Context-sensitive design

Context-sensitive Design refers to integrating projects with their surroundings. This is achieved by a comprehensive planning process, which takes into consideration the views of different stakeholders, and tailoring designs to suit the project circumstances. It involves an inter-disciplinary approach and early participation of key stakeholders in order to create projects that are efficient, safe, and harmonious with the environment. Transportation agencies need to be sensitive to the context of all design elements that impact travelers.

The rest areas must not only be information hubs for tourists, but also provide information for community groups and businesses that are travel-related. Rest areas should also have maps and telephones as well as information about tourist attractions, road conditions, missing children, local culture, history, and culture. Quality design includes considering environmental factors and the site’s context as well as thoughtful selections of materials, colors, and artistry. Context-sensitive design often incorporates local history and culture into the overall design.

Free coffee

A safety rest area is available for those who drive on Interstate 5 in Washington. These stops have specific rules and regulations. Any minors must be accompanied by an adult guardian. Before you submit your application, make sure to read the “Checklist for Free Coffee At Safety Rest Areas”. You must also follow the Rest Area Free Coffee Program guidelines.

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