What are the 3 Most Common Scams Made Online?

Just heard from a friend who got scammed online? Well, that has been happening everywhere around us. We all know people getting scammed every now and then on the internet and it is just scary knowing that someone out there can get a hold of all your money through a single mistake you make on the internet. 

There are loads of different kinds of scams that happen on the internet. Here we are going to look in detail at the top 3 common scams that are made online. This is going to be a little shocking so get ready! 

1- Phishing Scams 

Phishing is one of the most common online scams that happens worldwide. People are aware of this scam yet it happens effectively. Scammers are so trained in this scam that they easily get a hold of people. Now, phishers normally take on the persona of someone you trust. It can be your friend, neighbor, someone from work or a relative. They do this to get you to click a malicious link they send through an email, social media account, or other texting apps. Now, they can send the message from a completely fake account or through your friends account by hacking it. This even happened to me once when I got a message from one of my cousins to check out the click which had our childhood pictures. However, it turned out that the link was fake and I had to change all my passwords. 

Phishing attempts happen everywhere. You must be able to detect a phishing message. Spotting one is not that easy but there are a few tips you could follow. For instance, you need to go through the message thoroughly and check for any grammatical errors, misspelled names, etc. Apart from that, if you get even a little bit of feeling that something is suspicious, then do not touch the link. You should also hover over the link which will allow you to see the full URL in the bottom left corner. This way, you’ll understand if the link you got was real or a scam. 

2- Fake Anti-Virus Software Scam 

Ever noticed when you were just browsing the internet and all of a sudden you get a pop which says that your laptop has been attacked with a virus? Well, that is an online scam. These fake anti-virus software ads and pop ups are there to convince you to download their software which is then going to give you a virus. This way, the scammer will get all your information including your passwords, personal information, and financial details. 

Never trust any pop up ad you get and make sure not to click it. If something like this ever comes up, ignore it or close your browser.

If you do end up downloading the software, you should get your laptop checked from an expert to get rid of any viruses. Moreover, you also need to change all your passwords including your email password, social media accounts, bank, etc. Make sure the password you set is completely different from your previous password and really hard to guess. 

3- Fake Shopping Website Scams 

If you are a shopaholic, then you must be always looking for amazing deals available on different shopping websites, and at times you do come across them. However, one thing that you were not aware of is that some of these deals are completely fake and just a way to scam you. These websites make you believe that they are offering products at amazing prices from your favorite brands. Their deals offer 75% off etc. 

Once you make a purchase through the website, all your information is sent to the scammer. This is because of the fact that the payment methods they use are not secure at all. When you enter your card details, your scammer can read them. Also, you are never going to get the stuff you ordered. The helpline number they have added is completely fake as well. 

When purchasing online, you need to make sure to do your research. Check if the website has reviews or not. Moreover, if the deals they offer are too good to be true, then they are fake. 

What To Do If You Get Scammed? 

If you do get scammed somehow, you need to report the crime right away before it is too late. Apart from this, you should also get your bank account transactions blocked including your cards. Make sure to change all your passwords as well. 

Another important step you can take is to get in touch with the company ‘Chargebackway’ who helps people get their money back from scammers. They are 100% legit & reliable and have helped a bunch of scammer victims out there. 

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