The 5 Most Popular Online Scams to Be Aware of in 2022

Each and every year, the news is bombarded with advice regarding the scam and the ways people get scammed all year round. Scammers never take a break from scamming people, be it during the holiday season or any other. They are always eager to carry out the best possible scam ever. They are going to exploit you and get a hold of your money one way or another. There are loads of different techniques they learn every now and then and use to scam people. 

There are ways people get their money back at times. For instance, there are companies like TheClaimers who help victims of scams, and the banks help as well. However, this does not mean that you stop educating yourself regarding scams. Have a look down below at the five most popular scams you must be aware of in 2022. 

1- Cryptocurrency Scams 

Cryptocurrency is on the rise, right? There is literally everyone out there who is investing in it and making loads of bucks. Since everyone is interested in it, scammers think this is the perfect opportunity to get money from people. According to research, it has been noted that people lost $14 billion worth of crypto last year to scammers, which is twice the amount taken in 2020. 

Make sure to vary of people that post cryptocurrency ads on social media and promise guaranteed returns which are huge. Remember, an experienced person is never going to say something like this. Moreover, you should also check your government’s financial regulations to get a list of famous providers. 

2- Dating Scams 

Another scam that is very popular nowadays is a dating scam. This includes a scammer creating a fake profile on a dating website and getting in touch with you. The scammer will start with a pleasant conversation and try their best to gain your trust. The person will also tell you that he/she is not from around and make you believe that you are in a long-distance relationship. After winning your trust, the scammer is going to ask you for money, making excuses like he lost his job and needs to buy medicines or needs to purchase a ticket to come to meet you. Once he gets all the money he needs, and the scam goes on for months, the scammer will block you. 

These scams are happening all over the world, and there are companies like TheClaimants who have helped people in getting their money back. 

3- Phishing Scams 

Phishing scams are really common as well. These involve a scammer acting like someone trustworthy such as a banker, your friend, someone from the government, or someone you trust. The scammer sends you a message or an email that contains a malicious attachment or a link. Once you click on it, the person can enter your computer and have a look at all your personal information. 

Spotting this scam is not at all hard. You need to take your time to review the message and see if it has poor grammar, misspelled names, or anything else that might look shady. Moreover, try having a look at the link sent as well. You can do this by moving your cursor around the link and looking at the bottom left corner to check the full URL. This way, you can see if it is a real website or a fake one. 

4- Fake Antivirus Scam 

When you are browsing on the internet, there are times when a pop-up says that your computer is actually injected with a virus. Now, the chances are that this is actually an online scam. These people want you to download their software for free, which ends up giving you a virus in real life and ultimately giving all your information to the scammer. 

Make sure to only trust virus information from your antivirus. You need to get one no matter what. Do not click on any pop ads either. 

5- Investment Scams 

These scams involve someone sending you a message, an email, or calling you and offering you an investment plan. The person says that if you invest some amount, you will be able to make double the investment in just a couple of hours. Now one thing you need to remember is that all of this is a scam. The person who is offering an investment deal is going to disappear with your money once you make the payment. These people are going to make really fake promises and will also make you give them your personal financial information, which they are going to exploit. 

Never trust someone you meet online. Remember, such scams are on the rise, and you must remain protected at all times. You should learn more about this from TheClaimers and keep yourself safe. 

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