Providence Place Mall Group purchased land for the new mall for $11million. They then transferred the property to the Economic Development Corporation in the state for another $1. After the construction of the mall was complete, the Providence Place Group leased it back to the state. The company then sold some of the stores to local businesses, and leased back all others. These are just a couple of the things to consider when you’re looking for a new shopping center. These tips may help you decide whether to purchase a property close to Providence Place Mall.


The mall’s overall attractiveness has much to do with its new Boscovs anchor store. Providence Place mall covers more than 1 million square feet. It can accommodate 140 shops and restaurants. The mall’s presence has had an enormous impact on Providence’s economy, and it has encouraged the development of residential homes west of Route 95. It offers over 4,000 parking spaces to customers.

Recently, the mall’s owner leased office space from a nonprofit that helps low income families. The nonprofit also organized a fundraiser for local non-profits. Boscov’s is another new tenant, as well Macy’s. Providence Place is the most popular downtown spot in Providence. These are the reasons why the mall is so beloved by Providence residents.


Providence Place has been the center of crime and arrests ever since it opened in the late 1990s. In the mall, there was a mini-crime wave earlier this year. GoLocal reported a January incident that saw security officers escorting a handcuffed man down an elevator. Sionni, who was being questioned by security regarding the incident was told to delete it. Ultimately, he deleted it.

Providence Place Mall is located in a suburb and is surrounded by large parking lots. There are seven floors that house retail, restaurants and kiosks. The mall’s seven floors allow shoppers to browse and shop without the need to travel far. The mall has a restaurant and entertainment venues that offer entertainment for those who want to relax or have a good meal while watching a film. In 1999, the mall was open to the public.


Providence residents rate the Quality of Providence Place Mall positive, with 61% describing it as excellent. Only 17% gave it a poor, fair, or no rating. The mall is open now for just over one year. The public’s response reflects its future. It houses 140 quality retailers and restaurants. There is also an IMAX 16-screen theater. Apart from food, there is an attached hotel.

Recent polling revealed that even though the mall’s supporters claimed it would revive Providence and help the state’s economy in the long-term, the public is much less enthusiastic. The mall’s opening prompted a survey of 329 people. 41 percent of them indicated they had visited it at least once within the past six months. Despite their lack of enthusiasm, many respondents pointed out that the mall offers entertainment and shopping opportunities for all age groups and income levels.

Tax incentives

The State of Rhode Island offered a range of tax incentives to Providence Place Mall developers. The state required that the developer build a movie-theater and a shuttle bus to the downtown area. The state offered tax incentives to assist the developer. This resulted in hundreds of millions of dollar savings. Although the mall is situated in a downtown neighborhood, it was not part the Downtown Improvement District that first granted tax incentives. The Downtown Improvement District, whih is composed of other businesses in downtown Providence and d

The design of the mall was undertaken by the state. The mall is in the statutory Capital Center District. It has a capital center commissioner that establishes and enforces certain design criteria. This commission applies both to public and private projects. Over the years the state provided tax incentives totaling $208 million to Providence Place Mall. The incentives totaled approximately $135 million from the state, while $136 million was provided by Providence Place Mall. The state intended the tax incentives to attract retail.


The Providence Place Mall comprises fifteen levels with the lowest three being C-A. Level C is made up of Street Level restaurants and Parking-Only Stateside. Level D can be found on the Stateside Garage. DSW shoes and Old Navy in the stateside are on Level B. There is also a Bed Bath & Beyond in cityside. Level A is reserved exclusively for parking. The Providence Place Mall is located in the south end of Providence, directly facing state offices.

It’s located near the Rhode Island Convention Centers and the Woonasquatucket River. It is situated at the top Providence Station, making the mall a convenient location for shoppers who need to access the surrounding area. The mall makes good use of its one-hundred thirty thousand square feet. Macy’s is an anchor store, as is Nordstrom. There are also many restaurants. In the mall is an IMAX cinema.

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