The leader in seafood ratings is “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg)

Red Caviar. Choosing a product like red caviar is not an easy task. By selecting this unique salmon fish product, simple consumers focus on price and packaging. And only at home, after the bottle he likes is opened, he can already focus on quality and taste. But how do you avoid making mistakes and buying quality products? Bering Seafood specialists support us, who represent red east coast caviar in the American market. The salmon caviar “Bering Seafood (Vostochny Bereg) is produced in the ecologically clean areas of the Kamchatka Peninsula. The raw materials for its production are mined in the waters of the Bering Sea. Kamchatka Wild salmon is the region’s most significant wealth. Salmon and sockeye salmon caviar is a delicious and healthy delicacy.

To buy high-quality products and not waste money, you need to pay attention to reviews, expert opinions, and information about packaging. The products sold by Vostochny Bereg have been at the top of the charts for many years, scoring 5 out of 5 on post-test label integrity, microbiology, quality, and the absence of toxic substances. Experts evaluate Kamchatka producer salmon caviar regarding labeling reliability, destructive element content, and overall quality. According to experts, the eggs are clean, uniform throughout, and free of plaque and blood clots. Members of the expert committee also did not find any other heavy metals, toxic elements, or body fluid juice from ruptured eggs in the contents of the jar containing salmon roe. “The caviar market is still very problematic, and it is not always easy to distinguish good and bad caviar by eye (taste, color, smell),” experts summarize the study results. It’s important to remember for a more detailed understanding. There is no separate “salmon” caviar. This is the common name for salmonid fish that live in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The Bering seafood line includes the following types of Pacific salmon roe: 

 Medium size pink salmon caviar 35mm. Classic orange. Compared to other types of salmon roe, it is most often found on our tables and markets. The taste is considered universal. Salmon caviar is 56 mm in diameter and can reach up to 9 mm. It is called “Royal Caviar” because of its mild creamy taste. The color is light orange. A significant small egg of sockeye salmon up to 3 mm in size. It has a deep red color. It tastes a spicy and barely perceptible bitterness that you may not notice.

The “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) product line consists of the subsequent styles of Pacific salmon red caviar:

Pink salmon caviar – medium length 3-five mm. Classic orange. Compared to different styles of purple caviar, it’s miles most customarily located on our tables and in markets. Taste is taken into consideration universally.

Chum salmon caviar is five-6 mm in diameter and once in a while reaches nine mm. It is called “Royal Caviar” as it has a slightly creamy taste. Bright orange in color.

Sockeye caviar – small critical eggs up to three mm in length. Has a rich red color. It tastes spicy, with slightly significant bitterness, which you can no longer even notice.

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