Best Hilarious Apps That Will Fool Your Friends

Prank Season does not necessarily have to be limited to a particular month; it can be at any time of the year. The best part is that pranks also have had an upgrade and now there are innumerable apps on the internet that you can download to have fun at your friend’s expense. However, do keep one thing in mind, pulling pranks doesn’t mean that you do fun stuff that can damage property or cross boundaries in any way. Such as pulling a fire joke, that puts everyone at risk. That’s why we listed some fun apps that will help you prank your friends and family in a safe and non-risky way! Just make sure that your current internet service is fast and reliable like the top-notch Wave Internet, otherwise, a sluggish connection will take ages to download these apps and can spoil your joke. 

Cracked Screen Prank

This one app can literally be taken seriously and make you run for your life, figuratively of course. Especially, if you do not share or reciprocate the recipient’s sense of humor. Although a cracked mobile screen can freak out anybody, the app does the pretend job pretty well. The app comes with a diverse range of crackle effects so that everybody can have a good hearty laugh, once the joke comes out. The app has two further pranks such as destroying the phone screen with different weapons or using a firescreen. What happens is that once a person downloads this app on their phone or a target phone, the person will hear a crunching noise after opening it and will see the cracked scene of their phone. What may make the other individual panic more is the cracking sound. At the end of the day, if you want to pull this prank on your sibling or your friends, do this at your own risk! One more thing you’ll need for this prank is a good internet connection. While the app itself doesn’t use the internet, you will need it to download this and the other prank apps! Check out some of the CenturyLink internet plans and deals to find which one you want to subscribe to. 

Fake Virus

Most of us have a strong fear of viruses corrupting our systems. We take so many measures to protect ourselves from these malicious viruses. However, one can use these viruses and use them as a fantastic prank on a friend or a family member, who might be paranoid about these Trojans! The app titled Fake Virus can be installed on the target’s phone number and then let the fun begin. The victim will feel that their phone has been affected and they are going to lose all the data on the phone. The final nail will be a countdown, which will inform the target that their phone is going to be blocked forever, meant to freak out the target even more! Once, the target completely believes that their phone can no longer be saved, you can spring a surprise on them and reveal that they are being punked! Tell them that you used an app to prank them and that nothing has happened to their phone. Deleting the app will erase all the virus mumbo jumbo that’s been showing up on their screen. 

Air Horn Multi App

Hilarious apps don’t have to scare the bejesus out of your friends, just for you to claim to be funny. Pranks can annoy them duly as well! The app is great as it provides a diverse range of sounds that one may hear in their everyday life. These range from the loud and obnoxious sounds that alert the public, which include fire alarms, emergency bells, or air horns. There are some soft-sounding ones as well, that one can use to their benefit. This app also holds a constant door knocking sound, which one can turn on to spook a sibling or a friend, especially after a night of scary movie marathons. If your app seems to be buffering during the download phase or isn’t downloading, try calling the Xfinity customer service number to switch plans or have them fix it, if you are already a customer. 

Shit Express

This one will leave you ‘ literally rolling on the floor’ and the other person fuming. Shit Express is a great website that allows a user to send any animal’s poop around the world to anybody they want. It is an excellent prank, that can often be said, ‘as the one that went too far’. But what’s a little joke, if your friend is stuck in the Arctic for a science experiment and they receive poop as a gift. It might make them red with anger and embarrassment initially but that will blow off after they see the joke! To send any animal’s crap, simply go to the website, select the animal whose shit you want to send, write the receiving address, select stickers for the mailbox, and click send. The option for anonymity is also there as the receiver will never know who send this absurd gift to them. The payment is nominal, so try it today!


Do you and your friends regularly send memes to each other? If so, why not send a website that never stops loading? Spring a surprise and send this website, Photricity to your friend list today. Tell them that it’s a fantastic website with all the excitement that you have when you find something new. Your friends will try to open the website, which will first show some ads like any usual website, and then a screen will pop up, with a progress bar. Once it completes, then a circular loading sign will pop up! The website never stops loading and that’s where the fun lies! You may know this but your contact list doesn’t. Try it today and check out the reactions! 

Wrapping Up

Pranks are always played for a bit of fun, to cheer someone up when they are going through a tough phase or maybe just through a tough day. Just remember, that even when you are playing pranks, they shouldn’t demean someone or insult them in any way. Otherwise, you get a reaction like Will Smith’s at the recent Oscars Show!

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