What is Nursing?

The world-famous nurse Florence Nightingale said about one of the essential areas in medicine: “Caring for the sick is the same art as painting and sculpturing”. Although the nurse is a doctor’s assistant in medical institutions and performs medical and paramedical appointments, she creates favorable conditions for the patient to activate his forces.

What is the nursing process?

There is patient care for the patient to recover as soon as possible and most comfortably pass the recovery period. It is a specific set of measures for patient care, which includes many aspects. Any student just studying medicine can find a variety of essay examples. Students can discover nursing essays on any topic and read about different parts. The most important is the hygienic maintenance of the room and maintaining the patient’s proper sanitary condition and bed. Do not forget about the organization of nutrition of the patient, assisting with food intake, with various painful conditions, disorders that occur during the disease. And also, it is necessary to strictly and timely adhere to the implementation of prescribed medicines and procedures, mandatory control, and duty. The whole process is based on the mode principle since this is what allows you to remove all irritants and save the patient and his nervous system. After all, it is under the influence of the disease that the psyche often changes, so it is essential to ensure quiet.

What exactly do nurses do?

Do not think that a nurse has a small number of tasks, it is a delusion. One of the first and essential is the implementation of nursing care. For example, preventive measures related to rehabilitation and psychological support for a person or family. In addition, she educates patients and staff. But perhaps the most famous and understandable task for everyone is to provide first aid together with a team of medical workers.

What types of nurses are there?

Considering that nurses have a large volume of tasks, their qualifications are broad. If you have studied at university, become a graduate, and have completed a nursing degree, there is an opportunity to become a chief nurse. Of course, such a specialist has many tasks, including control of the entire hospital, but a certified nursing assistant can handle these tasks. Such a person distributes responsibilities and controls the process of their timely implementation. But the nursing chief is the administrator of the hospital. Her responsibilities include supplying the department with all the necessary medicines, and materials, caring for patients in the wards, and following the doctor’s instructions. But what is the name of a specialist who does various procedures, such as injections, droppers, and sampling? Very simple – procedural sister! There are many such types. There are even narrowly focused ones, like a dietary or operating sister. For this, it is enough to get an education at a medical college.

Nurses are Key to the Health of the Nation

First of all, a nurse is a specialist who cares, protects, and is ready to care for patients. It is not just a person who silently does easy tasks. Just imagine that the number of nurses has drastically decreased, and there is simply no one to perform all functions. What kind of humanitarian and medical catastrophe awaits us? According to the World Health Organization essay, nurses make up more than half of all medical personnel and are at the forefront of the fight against the disease. However, there is a shortage of personnel around the world. Today, about 28 million employees work in the nursing service globally, while 5.9 million nurses are not practical enough to organize the health systems of different countries. Accordingly, it is necessary to create possible conditions for increasing the number of personnel in this industry. It may be assistance in finding employment, raising wages, introducing leadership positions in this area, and creating favorable working conditions.


The conclusion from all of the above is the profession of a nurse is very complex and essential in the medical field. It is necessary to finance their training and retraining, such as a nursing school or nursing programs, to create jobs, improve working conditions, and increase wages. As well as strengthen the leadership role of nurses in healthcare institutions to retain it and attract new personnel to the industry. It should be understood that without a sufficient number of competent and loyal nurses, it is impossible to organize the everyday work of health care, and especially to fight for a person’s life.

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