How to Comfort a Senior Dog?

The lives of older dogs can be made more accessible by providing their dogs with a certain level of care and comfort. However, taking care of a senior dog is time-consuming and challenging, and one has to be versed in how to do the job well. If you are new to taking care of a senior dog, keep reading this article because it will provide you with some pretty helpful information.

Many things can be done to take care of a senior dog, below mentioned are some of the most important ones:

  • Senior dogs benefit a lot from crate pads and beds. These things are comfortable on stiff joints and achy muscles.
  • Look for products that are made of memory foam. Memory foam provides proper support and distributes the weight of the dog evenly.
  • You should also provide a cozy cover to your fur baby that will make sleep hours more comfortable.
  • Another thing that can be added is a heating/cooling pad to regulate the temperature according to the requirement.

Following a proper nutritious dietary plan is very centric to dog’s health, so take a mental note of the below-mentioned pointers:

  • For senior dogs, the metabolism slows down. That means more fat storage and less calorie burning. And eventually, this leads to weight gain for old dogs. That is why pet parents need to watch their calorie intake. One way to maintain calorie intake is to buy food products with lower calorie content and to focus on portion control.
  • Senior dogs losing weight is also a possibility, and it can be because of difficulty to eat, chew or swallow. Or it is also possible that a furry companion is losing appetite. In these kinds of scenarios, it is recommended to buy higher fat content food that will help maintain a proper weight for your senior dogs.
  • For older dogs, protein is essential. It is necessary because senior dogs have counteracted the loss of muscles with protein. Look for food where 25% of the calories come from protein. And also, the food should be low in sodium. Low sodium food is good for the dog’s kidneys and heart.

So these are some tips to keep your senior dog happy and healthy. Following these will benefit any aged dog’s pet parents.

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