How to: Waterproof and important things to know about securcare self storage

Waterproofing a storage unit is a common problem that storage owners tackle. Because of the volume of liquids, oily substances, and other materials that can seep into storage units, they need to be waterproofed or tagged to keep unauthorized people from accessing the storage.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to accomplish this task cost-effectively. Because self storage is a popular storage solution in the U.S., we’ve compiled a list of important things to know about securcare self storage before you sign up for it.

What is the difference between storage without a waterproofing tag and storage with one?

When you fire a storage unit, some of the liquids and gases that come out of it can get into your air-conditioning or heating system. These gases, consisting of household chemicals, can cause mildew or mildew spores to develop in your home, and they can be a safety nuisance if they get into your air-conditioning system. If you have no idea where these gases are coming from and if you can’t identify the source, you can try replacing the water from which the gas comes with a higher percentage of chlorine. If you have no other options, you can always replace the water supply line with a newer, more efficient model.

How to waterproof and waterproof a storage unit

If you’re storing a lot of things, the easiest and most cost-effective way to waterproof a storage unit is to line it with canvas or canvas bags. Bags with a built-in screen that prevents water from getting in canisters or water-resistant bags are another option. You can also use a high-quality waterproofing tape to stick on the canvas bags.

What happens when you watermark your securcare self storage unit?

A few things to keep in mind when you’re water-marking your storage units:

  • Make sure the tags are current. If they’re not, you can always change them before you store them.
  • Make sure the tags are visible. If they’re invisible, you can’t see what’s inside the storage unit.
  • Use a pen to keep track of the numbers you’ve given the tags. If you write too much or write things wrong, you can’t easily replace the tags with new ones. So this is very important.
  • Make sure you’re leaving the tags in their correct location when you put the unit in the garage or basement.
  • Make sure you hang the painted canvas bag on a wall when you move the unit in or out of the garage or basement.

How to secure a self storage unit

If you store a lot of things, it’s easy to break them all down. Hangers, clothes, and other pieces of household items are all subject to wear and tear, and you can’t protect them from breaking. To keep your storage units secure, you can use a variety of hardware and clamps to hold your items in place. A good-quality body-in-white hardware clamps make storing hardware and other items in the garage or basement easy and inexpensive. A good-quality wooden crate is also a great option when you’re third-party storage.

Important things to know about securcare self storage

When you sign up for a self storage solution, you’ll be charged a storage unit fee. This fee will help you to make a decision on which system to choose. Depending on your location, you may decide to use the free Albany storage system or choose to use a local company’s service. Both systems come with key features like flood and water protection, but the free system has some additional benefits such as no tags and no water or gas leak protection.

# Summing up

What to Know When You’re Water-Marking Your Self Storage Unit Underwatering is one of the most common ways to come into contact with water. In fact, most e-commerce websites that sell products like computers, laptops, and smartphones, all water-mark their products. Waterproofing your storage unit is an important step to make sure it will stand the test of time. And if you’re water-marking your very first unit, you can always change it when you’re done storing. Waterproofing a storage unit doesn’t stop with the tags. You need to keep the storage unit clean, dry, and organized if you want it to last. Waterproofing your storage unit is a crucial step toward success.

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