What is Reifeaffären?

It’s a small and insignificant place in Europe, but it’s actually one of the continent’s most famous countries. Its capital city has been celebrated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and its residents are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Now, I bet you’re thinking, okay, this guy is just making up crap as he goes along to make his point…what does any of this have to do with real estate? Well, let me tell you about it…

What is ReifeAffären?

In Germany, people are increasingly using social media to help others determine whether a person’s (age or maturity level) fits into a certain group. For example, when someone wants to join an organization they want to know if they are mature enough for that group. Using sites like Facebook and Google you can research someone’s maturity level by looking at pictures, status updates, etc. This practice has been referred to as ReifeAffären which roughly translates to maturity affairs. If you want more information on how it works, read our How To Use ReifeAffären guide!

Why does ReifeAffären only happen in Austria?

When it comes to revealing political scandals, we Austrians have quite a reputation. We had Ösi-Gate and Graben-Popp, but what are these terms? And why is there such a thing as ReifeAffären in Austria in the first place? Let’s find out! To be fair, there aren’t just Austrian scandals – pretty much every country has its own oddities. But when it comes to Austria, you can’t help but think of all these strange yet outrageous titbits that kept popping up in our newsfeeds last year. So let’s take a look at some of them Ösi-Gate: Also known as Handygate, Ösi-gate was a scandal surrounding far-right politician Udo Landbauer who, during his time as a student leader at Vienna University, participated in an event where anti-Semitic songs were sung. The event was organized by Vandalia, an association with links to extreme right-wing fraternities like Germania and Burschenschaften (student associations). Landauer resigned from his position after pressure from opposition parties FPÖ and ÖVP after investigations into his involvement began.

List of celebrities who have had affairs

There have been quite a few famous people who have had affairs. At first blush, it might not seem like it should be that shocking that celebs cheat, but you probably don’t realize just how many married stars have done so over time. We’ve compiled a list of some of Hollywood’s biggest adulterers, from A-listers to former teen idols. The next time you go see one of your favorite actors or singers perform live on stage in concert or on TV, keep in mind there’s a decent chance he or she isn’t as single as they claim to be.

Other countries with similar headlines

In Germany, ReifeAffären has become a widespread phenomenon with several hundred chat groups and close to 20,000 members. It’s not uncommon for some of these groups to have more than 1,000 visitors at any given time. By comparison, Facebook in German has about 25 million users. In Austria and Switzerland, where many German speakers live and work due to their shared language and culture, conversations on sites like ReifeAffären are even more popular because it gives those who are working abroad an opportunity to flirt or sext with people from home without having to worry about a language barrier. The trend appears to be catching on in other European countries as well.

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