General Awareness Preparation For Government Exams

If you are an aspirant of government exams you would know that all the government exams, management exams or any entrance exam for that matter includes general awareness as a subject in their syllabus. General awareness is one such topic that not only can be used to assess you in the written exam but also during group discussions and interviews. The topic is just not included In most competitive exams, to make you answer some trivia or quizzes but it can assess your attention, brilliance and wisdom. It is seen that roughly 25% of the question paper features questions based on general awareness and current affairs. Therefore, it is necessary that one studies for the general awareness section thoroughly as it can help you boost your scores as well as chances of your selection.

Moreover, the significance of general awareness is not for students only. From learners to professionals to businessmen to homemakers, this applies to almost everyone in all walks of life. Staying up to date helps us grow and stay confident both personally and academically. It is possible and easy to set up a conversation with people but an adequate general awareness helps you have an intellectual discussion with people and help you build a confident outlook towards issues of society.

In this article, we will learn how to adequately prepare for the general awareness section. From the ten tips mentioned below, you will be able to discover ten ways in which you can upscale your preparation. Therefore, make sure you read the points below thoroughly.

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10 Tips To Prepare Well For General Awareness Section In Exams

Time to look at the 10 tips that can help you upscale your approach towards the general awareness section.

  1. For a more acceptable preparation always try to make concise yet complete notes of various topics under general awareness as writing always helps retain important information better.
  2. Attempt making mnemonics, make sure you make it quirky and easy to remember mnemonics to memorize extensive facts.
  3. Make it a habit to read promising journals and magazines to enhance your static general knowledge, current affairs and general awareness.
  4. Always make it a point to watch or read the news each day and also if there is any news that might be important from the exam point of view.
  5. It is advisable to at least go through general awareness facts from the past 5-6 months. This duration is enough for all government competitive exams.
  6. Going back to NCERTs from 10th to 12th standard would be of great help as the books do cover a lot of topics involved in general awareness.
  7. Try and smartly build links between various topics and study them as a whole to save time, energy and be productive.
  8. Download some current affairs or general knowledge application in your handy device to get updates as notifications on your device as it would help keep information just a click away and also to catch your attention.
  9. Having a study partner when it comes to revising the general awareness questions is advisable, quizzing each other would help save time and increase the efficacy of the exercise.
  10.  Always attempt quizzes, questionnaires and mock tests to test yourself as general awareness details are easily forgettable amidst the extensive syllabus.

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