Ways in which Klaviyo helps you boost your ecommerce business

According to Microsoft Corp, visitors’ attention on a site has dropped from 12 seconds to 8. Considering the competition to establish an online presence and transform leads to sales for ecommerce businesses, it has become tough for businesses to survive without an efficient email marketing strategy.

For decades, emails have been around, and over 94% of users use email. Hence, email marketing is an efficient and effective means to link with people and transform them into customers. The average ROI for a dollar spent on email marketing is $44. Also, ecommerce email marketing is considered a better option than other types of digital marketing as it helps to collect details about your clients, thereby helping you know their buying pattern, behavior, and nature.

Klaviyo email marketing is considered a remarkable marketing automation software to reach prospective leads and transform them into customers. It is a great email marketing process that you can integrate into your Shopify store or other platform.

What is Klaviyo email marketing?

It is an automated email tool that offers robust email marketing and SMS amenities. It helps you to market and promote your ecommerce platform.

As a businessman, you should convey the right message to the right client without appearing like a spammer for efficient email marketing. Klaviyo email marketing proves to be the best in this regard. It doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all strategy; rather, it assesses and understands the customers’ behavior and customizes email campaigns.

Those amateurs should choose a Klaviyo agency to do it for you. They will explain the email campaigns and flow the right way to use Klaviyo to transform leads to sales.

Features of Klaviyo email marketing

Klaviyo email marketing is a known ecommerce promotion tool because of its automation and personalization.

Klaviyo email flow: 

An email flow helps you deeply engage your customers with your brand. Choose a template editor to create amazing templates. Add all your contacts to the list.

You can personalize the templates with your specific content and branding steps. Enquire the type of emails the recipient likes to receive, updates, offers, product launches, the daily or weekly newsletter, and more. Once you have done this, the email series will be created and automatically sent to your customers according to the schedule.

Email campaign: 

Klaviyo helps engage with your customers more intriguingly. It helps you contact several recipients together. The email campaign offers relevant and valuable information to develop trust.

According to a survey, 85% of people receive advertising emails two times a month. So, consider this fact and choose the right email campaign to grow your customer base.

Klaviyo is an amazing tool to increase your leads, clientele, and sales. A Klaviyo agency will help you know more about the features of Klaviyo and how to use them in the best manner. Use the email marketing tool to grow your business and avail of the power of email marketing in the most amazing manner. No matter you want email flow or email campaign or target a section of people, Klaviyo will ease everything for you.

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