The term cheugy has gone viral in the past few years and is becoming a popular millennial expression. While some people see it as an aesthetic value, others find it insulting and dismissive. YouTuber and high school student Trisha Rasson is a proud chemgy. In her video, she explains why this style has become so popular and why she thinks it will become more mainstream in the future.

A cheugy is an inappropriately dated person. In general, a cheugy is too old for their age and tries too hard to look or act like someone else their age. Hallie Cain, a copywriter from Los Angeles, says the term has nothing to do with trying to be cool, but is simply a reflection of millennial “#GirlBoss” energy.

The chevron pattern is another common cheugy trend, and is an easy way to find them. You can even find a cheugy jean jacket if you’re looking for a cute, flirty outfit. It’s a great accessory for the cold weather. And you can wear it with a t-shirt if you’re a tee-shirt-loving girl!

The word cheugy is not a negative term. Gaby Rasson, a 23-year-old software developer, coined the term when she was in high school. Since then, the term has become popular and a popular trend. While the term has no set definition, it is widely used. InTheKnow, an online publication, has reported the word’s popularity and has directed people to its Instagram account @cheuglife.

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