Maxwell Drever Suggested Top 3 Ways to Solve the Housing Crisis

Housing is one of the most important requirements for humans. Nothing in life is more permanent and satisfying than a roof over the head. Affordable housing policies contribute to the growth of the economy of the country. Unfortunately, the crisis regarding affordable housing is increasing every day in the United States. 

In New York, there are hundreds of new constructions going up, but they are luxurious and expensive. Not to mention, these types of construction projects are only affordable for wealthy families and foreign investors. At the same time, thousands of Americans from the lower and middle-income groups are either sleeping rough or finding difficulties affording the basic expenses of life due to their rent payment. This is a pattern replicated across all the regions in the United States. 

Even though there is an affordable housing crisis in the United States, there are also some solutions. What the plans will look like? Here are the top 3 ways to solve the affordable housing crisis. 

Ditch the Right to Buy

Ditching the method of ‘right to buy’ won’t cost any money to the Government. Since Government has recently made a miserable decision to ditch the lifetime tenancies due to the shortage of affordable housing, they should also remove the ‘right to buy’. This is the primary reason that created the affordable housing crisis in the first place. This is also something that will make Government lose votes as the new generations know the disadvantages of being rent-burdened. 

Regulate the Private Rented Sector

When the Government decided to remove all the council homes regarding the ‘right to buy’ policy, they forget to put anything that would speak of their place. Instead, the ‘buy to let’ options have resulted in more than 50% of the council homes being captured by the private landlords. Maxwell Drever says these landlords charge four times more than the original rent as they make public ownership difficult. In most cases, the landlords lease the property back at a massively inflated cost. Not to mention, the structure is poorly maintained. Due to the massive shortage of affordable housing solutions for homeless people, all local authorities are working on private leasing schemes. 

However, the situation is getting worse. The consequences of the affordable housing crisis are dangerous. This is why many people are forced to live under slum landlords. 

Allow Council to Maintain the Funds and Properties

Councils should be allowed sufficient funds so that they can easily maintain or renovate their homes. The Government of the United States hasn’t permitted this for a couple of years and the results are becoming much more catastrophic. Additionally, the Government proposed a develop-led demolition program that has affected more than 30,000 council properties. Not to mention, this action caused less of more than 8,000 affordable homes, says Maxwell Drever.  

The program has also enhanced ethnic and social cleansing on a gigantic scale. This is because people have been displaced and the communities broke up. But do you know the reason? It is to build luxurious and expensive apartments to attract foreign investors who won’t live there.  


These are the top 3 great ways to solve the affordable housing crisis. If the Government doesn’t take necessary actions to solve the affordable housing crisis problem, it would bring severe consequences in the future. 

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