What’s the worst thing about wearing shoes? If you’re young and trying to figure the procedure out, tieing laces is one of the most painful things you can do. You then travel for a decade, or two. Then shoelaces return to the dog’s den. The process of tying shoelaces requires you be able to stop, then bend. It takes time, takes effort, and is a hassle especially when you’re trapped with a group of others trying to tie their shoes at the building’s entrance. Also, those shoelaces are often the first to fall off while moving about. KIZIKhas the latest technology for shoelaces. The company provided me with an item of its Boston Date shoes to try out. izik shoes

KIZIK Boston Date hands-free shoes.BRAD MOON

F.A.S.T. Technology

Forbes Contributor Tim Newcomb wrote about Handsfree Labs and its unique F.A.S.T. (Foot Active Shoe Technology) technology in December. They make use of technology such as an arc of titanium that allows people wear shoes with out using their hands. This means not only not needing to bend to tie laces and tie them up, but also being able to easily slip your feet into the shoe. When it’s on, it’s just like an ordinary shoe and gives full support to the heel. 

KIZIK shoe displaying the titanium arc, which is the key in it’s hands-free F.A.S.T. technology.KIZIK

In addition, the F.A.S.T. technology has drawn the attention of the giant of athletic shoes Nike, Handsfree Labs also has its own brand of shoes: KIZIK.

KIZIK Boston Shoes

To test their hands-free technology, KIZIK provided me with the pair of Boston shoes to test. They are stylish casual sneakers made of leather featuring rubber-soles. They are perfect for walking in the home, izik shoes on short walks in the city, or to work wearing a casual dress code. My pair was in the “Date” variant ($160) that is high-quality tan leather that has dark leather accents with white soles.More For YouGoogle Issues Warning For 2 Billion Chrome UsersForget the MacBook Pro, Apple Has Bigger PlansGoogle Offers Discounts on the Pixel 6, Nest & Pixel Buds In a Limited-Time Sale Event

They’re pretty sleek shoes that are well-made and have a classy appearance. Inside the tongue, there is an adjustable velcro width — the sole occasion you’ll need to put your hands in these shoes. In the places that traditionally have laces, there are broad elastic straps that appear as if they are laces first glance. However, they’re not. Leather is perforated to allow for airflow. izik shoes The feet are comfortable. I’ve worn them at home for several weeks and they’re extremely comfortable. They can also be dressed up to match my running shoe look… The real star of the event is hands-free F.A.S.T. technology that works exactly as it says.

Boston Date shoes Boston Date shoes are smart styled, and could be appealing even without the … The Boston Date shoes are stylish and attractive, even without their…+[+BRAD MOONForbes Innovation READ More READ More 

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I put my shoes off and on often throughout the day because I’m constantly moving around my house and the back and front yards. I have designated indoor as well as outdoor footwear. In the past, I’ve switched to replaceable elastic laces for my shoes, to get rid of the whole shoelace tie-up thing. However, even with these laces options, putting on shoes isn’t completely hands-free. In order to put on a pair of shoes, it involves reaching down and then pulling the strap on. This is the sort of thing I’m constantly screaming at my children in regard to…

In KIZIK Boston shoes, I can literally slide my foot in. KIZIK Boston shoe, I simply slip my foot in the shoe, and the back of the shoe swells up and then opens. The back isn’t just a flap of fabric in the back. The (padded) aluminum arc makes sure that the foot remains in the right place. It’s a bit of magical.

KIZIK Boston shoes offer unbeatable hand-free comfort.BRAD MOON


Are you a shoelace hater? Are you tired of pulling your shoes off? Perhaps you’re suffering from a disability which makes it difficult for you to wear conventional shoes? Check out KIZIK hands-free shoes. They’re stylish, well-made and come in a variety designs (for both genders) and you’ll never need tie a shoelace or slip on a pair of shoes for the rest of your life.

Information: KIZIK provided shoes for review, but did not have any involvement in this review.

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