Why don’t you try using vanity phone number? Here are great benefits that you are missing out.

Vanity numbers have made an exciting revolution in many areas. Its main distinguishing feature is that the numbers used are not randomly generated, as has long been the case with phone numbers. Instead, a person chooses an alphanumeric code that has some meaning for the type of service or product offered if used in a business environment.

Benefits of using premium numbers

The use of such a number in the office has several advantages. Firstly, the different numbers are easy to remember, and therefore a customer who wants to ask a question or use your company’s services can do so easily. So it’s great to make your business accessible to customers because all they have to do is memorize an attractive word and a predictable code number based on the location.

They are affordable

Second, this provision allows utilities to use toll-free numbers. Thus, the cost of both incoming and outgoing calls is borne by the organization that owns the number. This makes an excellent impression on anyone who works with the company differently. They are convinced that the organization is very profitable, and therefore, of course, reliable. The convenience of free calling also encourages customers to feel that their interests are considered in the organization. Companies invest millions to create such an image for the public, but this option will be given to you at a very affordable cost.

They are unforgettable

Some customers are always on the go, and they do not have time to memorize complex numbers. They want numbers they shouldn’t write down, and this is how you get those 800 premium numbers. For example, a number like 1-800 would be easy to remember. In addition, studies have shown that 800 numbers are easier to remember than digital phone numbers.

They achieve results

These numbers are known to increase the number of calls by 30%. Additionally, they have a tracking report that can track reports and provide accurate data on all your incoming calls. This is important because it helps in achieving many benefits. First, it creates the optimal way to build your lead database. It is also ideal for accessing the demographics and addresses of all subscribers and analyzing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Using vanity phone numbers is the perfect way to show your customers that you put them first. Having this number is a clear sign that you care about your customers, which is the message you will be sending. Given how the company creates competitive customer service, this would be the perfect way to gain an edge.

They bring return on investment

With 800 dedicated numbers, you will notice an increase in performance in all your campaigns. In addition to that, it will also give you 30% more calls. Given the costs of investing in this number and the benefits you can get, it is vital to ensure that you get 800 numbers for your business.

They provide brand awareness.

Organizations also spend a lot on what is called brand awareness. This may be the user name of the firm, product or service they offer. However, the value of recognition is considered when choosing cosmetic figures. Therefore, the names used are simple but attractive that describe the functions of the office. Thus, these phone numbers are an effective advertising medium in this regard. With the advent of toll free calls, personal numbers have proven to be an effective marketing strategy for many successful businesses. No matter the size of your business, you can connect with your customers by getting your business number. After all, there is no compelling reason to spend heavily on advertising if you can advertise your brand identity with a simple number.


The benefits are numerous as it helps to increase the marketing potential of any business. Customer service is enhanced, sales are raised, and customers can quickly learn about your business and talk to you more easily. Marketing campaigns also become more effective as the target audience grows and the company’s image improves.

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