How to hire the best virtual assistance for your small business?

If a company does not have enough budget to hire regular employees, virtual assistants are helpful. That’s also because routine tasks are sometimes overwhelming, and core business does not get time. So, this article brings the ways to hire the best virtual business support. 

Small businesses and virtual assistance

Clarity about expectations

The sole purpose of hiring virtual assistance is to offload tasks. So, first, determine the specific needs of a business. People often know they need something but cannot tap on it. 

There’s nothing to worry about. One finds plenty of work to offload from the plate in a few weeks. So, the assistant will have many things to figure out. For digital marketing content, there’s so much a business can demand from an assistant. 

What are the qualities you’re looking for?

The process of hiring a business support assistant is more like hiring an employee. One needs to ensure they are qualified enough to handle the job well. So, the interview process should aim at how a person handles specific situations. Even though past work experience matters, that’s not all. 

A structured manner of responding is known as the STAR method. It is responding to an interview question based on the behavior. So, first, the specific situation is discussed. Next comes the task, followed by Action, and finally, the Result of the described situation. 

The specific skills you’re looking for

While hiring virtual assistance, it is vital to know what skills one is searching for? Will these support systems manage social media? Or should they have the experience of Quickbooks? Also, do they need to send out invoices? 

Once questions like these are answered in the hiring authority’s mind, it’s half set. Also, consider if the content writing service to be hired should also work with PowerPoint presentations. 

Sometimes, businesses want assistants to have sales and customer service experience. So, create a list of needs and get a clear picture. However, remember that no one is a master of all traits! Be understanding. 

Keep the communication clear

There’s a difference between hiring a virtual assistant and a full-time employee. It is the physical presence. So, while a regular employee enters the interviewer’s cabin, virtual assistance is hired online. 

It makes communication crucial for the hiring party and the one being questioned. Therefore, it’s wise to seek business support that maintains complete transparency. The VAs of Ossisto ( ) are excellent communicators. 

Pick the right channel and approach

Adopting a style of communications and a platform is the key to keeping communications open. Also, both parties should stick to the set pattern. Since communicating is an essential element of any relationship, choose the correct medium. 

The two-way channel should be clear, especially for someone who isn’t working in the office. So, setting up a process that works for the people involved. Is Skype used or Zoom? Do they call each other daily? 

Also, is Slack a part of the communication routine? These questions must be answered before beginning the work. Both parties must stay informed about the open line of conversation.

Seek someone with industry experience

Let’s say someone owns a B2B business. The target audience is a more evolved group of serious people. Further, these are the decision-makers. But, would a firm benefit from hiring a novice who has no experience in the industry? Maybe, no. 

Instead, one should look for business support having sufficient knowledge of the industry they are operating in. There are several perks of hiring someone with industry experience. So, the virtual assistant will understand what the audience wants.

Ensure that they own mistakes

Professional finance and accounting services always take responsibility for their mistakes. They accept any error committed at the firm. So, acceptance is one quality that makes working easier with them. 

According to Ostroff, such experts value their contributions and work to the brand’s success. Also, they take ownership of misunderstandings and mistakes and pledge to do better in the future. 

When a content writing assistant takes ownership of the mistakes, it indicates accountability. So, that’s an often looked-for quality while hiring virtual assistance. 

Ask for references that can be verified

A practical but simple way to measure the skills and qualities of a virtual assistant is through references. So, the past experiences and testimonials from employers speak their efficiency. 

Also, ensure to attend to what their previous employers closely say about their personality, work, and skills. Also, based on the testimonials, one can judge if someone is right for a job. 

According to Levin, hiring a virtual assistant is similar to an in-office assistant. Another important thing to check before hiring includes the references of a candidate. Also, check if that company has testimonials from previous clients who’ve used their VA services. 

Ensure that they understand social media

Suppose one hires someone to manage a Facebook account. Then, it becomes vital for virtual assistance to understand how the website works. 

The assistant must know how Facebook and Twitter can help a business grow. Further, they should understand the functionalities of Facebook. 

It would help if they understood social media and had a good track record. The capabilities of a virtual assistant become clear when these previous reports are examined. 

Look for great management

According to Ostroff, the main quality of a good virtual assistant is to manage everyday items. These may be stress-causing, but an assistant should handle them. So, how would it come? The business support services must have efficient time management skills. 

In simpler words, they must multi-task and prioritize different jobs accordingly. Also, the deadline shouldn’t be missed. These assisting firms should value the company’s time and sign agreements on the timelines. 

Find someone who understands business

If a virtual assistant is apt, they get more involved. These people let the audience connect with the company and understand their needs. 

For instance, if it’s a consultation business, the assistant should know about it. So, understanding the brand helps them contribute well and implement firm strategies.

The assistant should keep you updated

It can be tricky to notice the virtual assistant from time to time. Since they are not physically close to the company, they cannot be checked frequently. So, make sure that the virtual assistance service hired keeps the employer updated. 

And a good assistant will always understand it. Moreover, these people will share updates and keep the firm informed about the progress. That boosts communication and eliminates misunderstandings. 

Ensure they understand the target audience

When trying to connect with the users through social media, the target audience matters. In this case, hiring someone willing to enhance knowledge is of assistance. For instance, if the target audience is an American teen, the assistant must be an expert in IT web development. Ossisto is a brilliant website that offers these services. 

Seek someone who asks questions

Whenever a prospective VA asks queries about the responsibilities and job roles, it shows their interest. Such people are willing to meet the brand’s expectations. If the questions are valid and sensible, it may even help employers chalk out job responsibilities. 

Levin, an expert hirer, has interviewed several virtual assistants for his company. According to him, those virtual assistance services that stand out researched the company well. Also, they walked the extra mile, which is impressive. So, it shows their genuine interest in the firm, the job, and their future. 

Look for a compatible personality

See how closely the firm needs to work with a virtual assistant. It is crucial to seek someone compatible with the personality of the employer. For instance, one may not feel comfortable working remotely with someone who speaks too little. 

So, have a clear understanding of the interpersonal qualities. While hiring a person who won’t meet face to face regularly, choose wisely. Their personality should be compatible. 

Do these digital marketing experts take feedback?

If a virtual assistant is serious about her or his job, they will be proactive in seeking feedback. These people are eager to improve their specific areas. 

So, that boosts the business in many ways. While hiring, ask for their weaknesses and how aware they are. Those eager to receive feedback indicate the virtual assistance company’s seriousness. 


There are numerous benefits of hiring virtual assistants. They have essential skills that employers may need to manage their teams. Also, the tasks one can delegate to employs in the future become clear. 

Finally, hiring a virtual assistance firm helps the business stay organized. These people can keep the employers up to date with the work. So, apply the hiring techniques and grow the business. 

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