Fashion Careers

The fashion industry seems to be the most unattainable for a career. However, fashion specialists remain highly demanded. What fashion-related professions do you know? Most people’s ideas are limited to designers, models and photographers. I tell of some of the most popular in this article.


It is the central profession in the fashion world. A designer creates a collection of clothes, generates trends, and predicts the future of fashion. There are a lot of segments of this industry: women’s, men’s or kid’s clothes, shoes,  accessories, jewelry, prints, and textiles.

You can begin your professional journey as a fashion design assistant and progress to a fashion designer or a design director. Or you even try to do your own clothing line. You also could work for independent labels, design studios, or modern showrooms.

Fashion consultant

You need to put clothes together, have a broad outlook about fashion history, know modern fashion designers and have good creative skills to become a fashion consultant.

Such specialists are in demand in magazines, brands, boutiques, on television. They invent fashionable images for photo shoots, video shooting, and other purposes. They can work with private clients, choosing a wardrobe based on the color type, figure features, people’s social status, and character. Fashion consultants often take part in the organization of shows and advertising campaigns. They also can become image-makers for celebrities.

Now online personal fashion consultant services are becoming more popular. An online stylist consults via Skype, helping clients emphasize the merits and express themselves through clothes. Moreover, they look at the client’s wardrobe and give general recommendations on hairstyle and makeup.

Creative director

If you have artistic taste, organization and communication skills, you might be promoted to a creative director. It is a prestigious and highly paid profession. This job enables people to fulfill their creative potential and ambition. Creative directors are responsible for the trademark development, the launch of new collections, and the brand. This job requires the talent of predicting trends, generating effective ads campaigns, understanding business strategies, and observing innovations.


They are necessary people in the fashion world. Buyers decide when exactly runway collections will appear on the boutiques’ shelves. Buyers plan the purchase of seasonal goods and determine the best range of items and brands to meet consumer needs. They analyze competitors’ sales, look for new brands, negotiate, and are responsible for full product support. Such employees are the main representatives of the brand.

Most buyers start their careers as sales assistants. If you understand the trends in demand and can plan an assortment to attract a constant flow of customers, you will get promoted very quickly. By the way, a famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani was the first buyer. And he began his career as a shop assistant too.

Visual merchandiser

Visual merchandisers design the way a boutique looks. They locate new collections in-store and make customers feel the creative director’s idea. A visual merchandiser decorates a shop window. Besides that, they think over the concept of a local collection in boutiques. They also adapt the guidelines to the local market. Sales depend on the work of visual merchandisers, so they should know a client and adjust boutique collections to the seasons of the country. Their duties include fashion collections activity. They also deal with commercial and lighting equipment.

It is crucial to love fashion, be creative, and have a sense of style for a visual merchandiser job. Moreover, it is necessary to be flexible and versatile to create a brand history and boutique collections. You need to come up with exciting concepts according to the guidelines of a global brand.

Having strong analytical skills, sales managers can get a promotion as visual merchandisers. Merchandisers place all items in boutiques based on sales reports. So commercial performance heavily depends on their work.

Fashion journalist

Fashion journalists work for newspapers, magazines, fashion websites or blogs, as well as for television.  Fashion journalism is a link between designers and consumers. Articles and columns in fashionable print and online media can make a collection legendary or smash it to pieces.

Fashion journalists prepare articles, reviews and news on fashion and style topics. They attend shows and other fashion events, interview designers, models and other people from the fashion industry.

Fashion journalists analyze how pop culture and current events affect the fashion industry. They report on the latest industry news, make reviews of released collections, write articles about current trends, thereby promoting them.

Journalists’ work can be seen in magazines, online publications, newspapers, blogs, social networks. Fashion journalists are also in demand in communication agencies and book publishers.


The development of the fashion industry and magazines has made fashion photography a serious art direction. The works of photographers are exhibited in museums, bought at auctions for private collections, published in art albums of famous publishers. Besides, this career attracts with a high income, world fame, travel and work with the brightest and most talented people on the planet.

I hope these takeaways help you understand that a fashion career is something very real. Love fashion, go to your goal step by step.

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