Gemstones and Their Vital Roles: Everything to Know

From ancient times itself, gemstones have had an extraordinary role in the lives of people. Its importance is visible in most of the rituals, myths and tales. Many of the stories from ancient times are revolved around some gemstone, and it’s lost and finding it. Time apart, the importance and power of these valuable stones did not reduce but increased. Stones come in different colours, from pink to yellow like in pink diamonds and amber respectively. These stones have different meanings too. Some gemstones have a substantial historical background, while some were discovered by archaeologists recently. 

Read more to know about different gemstones which are popular in the market right now. 

1)Pink Diamonds

It is the most popular stone extracted in Western Australia. As the name suggests, these stones are pink in colour. Pink diamonds are also known as fancy colour diamonds. It is the ancientest stone used in Iranian jewellery. They were known as Daria-i-Noor, Noor-ul-Ain, The Pink Star, The Hortensia Diamond, The Prince Diamond, The Agra Diamond and The Conde Diamond throughout history.  


Garnet is a gemstone that comes in a bunch of different colours. It is available in colours like orange, red, green, pink and purple. Due to this reason, this unique stone is also known as a rainbow stone. It is considered the birthstone of January people. It is primarily found in Rhododendrons, Africa, Namibia, Srilanka and Russia. It is said that this stone will protect the person wearing it from nightmares and unexpected events. It is a famous gifting stone. 


Royal stone or Jade is one of the prominent gemstones used in ancient times. Most kings and queens had this stone in their collection. It comes mainly in lavender, white and pink colour. It has natural shimmering on it. It is smooth in texture. It is considered a stone of prosperity, protection and fertility. 


This beautiful piece of a precious stone is available in different shapes. It is also known as February birthstone. The beauty of its colour is unique and marvellous and suits well with both gold and silver. It is considered that amethyst helps to make better decisions. 


As the name suggests, this birthstone is sea blue. It is one of the popular gifts given to newlywed people as there is a belief that it guards relationships. The colour suggests forever and eternal. This stone has power on health, wealth, hope and commitment. 


It is a unique stone because it can change colours according to time. At night, alexandrite is red like a raspberry, while it is almost green during the daytime with a tinge of blue. It is mainly found in East Africa, Brazil, Iraq Mountains and Sri Lanka. It enhances creativity and imagination and also enriches intuition. 


It is one of the popular stones from ancient times and is known as the King of gems. It does not come in red colour alone but also in a wide variety. It is commonly found in the valleys of Tanzania, Burma and Myanmar. The red colour of ruby denotes love, emotions, passion and courage. It is considered that this stone brings good luck to the receiver. 


This violet blue stone is famous worldwide, but the best quality is found in Sri Lanka, Kashmir and Myanmar. Like ruby, they are found in a variety of shapes and colours. It is one of the best choices in fine jewellery. It is also popular engagement jewellery as it indicates loyalty, purity and honesty. 


Opal is popularly known as the Queen of gems. It comes in rainbow shades with a tinge of blue and green together and a combination of red and yellow. The realistic look it has is scarce. It is the birthstone of the October people, and it symbolizes confidence, integrity, loyalty and hole. 


Topaz comes in variations of cool colours. Common choices are an orange and pink colour. It is one of the most expensive gemstones, which goes well with gold and silver. It is believed that topaz shields from the enemy and help to heal. 

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