How does Shilajit help in Winters?

 As we know that winter has arrived and so cold , flu , cough, allergies. 

In winters it is quite common to see people suffering from common cold, flu, cough, fever, joint pain , inflammation and so many other sign , symptoms  and diseases. 

There are so many ways to treat such problems but without side effects it’s quite ruff to choose the cute and medication. 

To solve this one of the best mineral based extract which is extensively explained in ayurveda as a medicinal mineral to control and cure so many diseases. 


Shilajit has been used for thousands of years in ancient systems of medicine like Ayurveda and other tradition medicine 

Shilajit is obtained or oozes out from the rock and mountain it is of black in colour with high density 

Consisting of complex minerals and trace elements along with anti- oxidant, anti- fungal , anti- viral properties. 

In winter it is very important to boost up the immune system to save body from viruses and flu and infection. 

And Shilajit is a good option. Shilajit benefits is also another important thing which you should also know before consuming Shilajit on daily basis. 

It is very beneficial to take it in winters because of its properties. It works more effectively in winters than any of the other seasons. 

  • Helps in boosting up the immune system 

Those who get allergic very oftenly , suffers from cold once every months it is good to take Shilajit 

This all happens due to poor immune system , weak body strength but Shilajit works as a natural and best immunomodulator and maintains a proper immune system and strengthens it. 

Shilajit consists of fulvic acid and other minerals as well which enhances its anti- viral anti-fungal anti- bacterial properties and helps our body to fight against any foreign body like virus bacteria etc. 

As Shilajit is rich in iron , manganese , zinc so it helps in regulation of the body functions by enhancing the function of enzymes and acts as a catalyst for performing various physiological functions to balance and improve body functions. Shilajit health benefits can be obtained when you take the right dose. 

  • Shilajit is good for bones, joints and inflammation. 

In winters it is quite common that people suffers from joint pain , inflammation  etc 

As Shilajit is rich in zinc , manganese , iron and other minerals helps in maintaining the proper blood circulation and reduces the joint pain and inflammation. 

It has seen that after menopause it is seen that there is decrease in bone density in women and pain and inflammation gets aggravated in winters Shilajit helps in absorbing nutrients from food and as it consists of mineral inside it as well so it helps to enhance the bone density , ligaments and strengthen the muscle mass 

In winters pain and inflammation gets aggravated and Shilajit is anti- inflammatory in nature so helps in improving pain and inflammation as well. 

Shilajit is very beneficial but should be taken at the right dosage and at the right time under proper consultation . In market Shilajit is available in powder capsule , resin form 

You can prefer any of these after proper consultation. 

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