The best stapling guns in the market

Staple Gun are amazing tool that are used for various purpose to clip and staple upholstery, wood, paper, clothes, etc. staple gun are very easy to use and have high efficiency for doing heavy duty works. Here are some of the popular staple gun in the market.

1. SENCO GT40FS Cordless Gas Fencing Stapler

The SENCO GT40FS provides cordless convenience for anyone working on a pole and wire fencing project.

This electric staple gun has a unique nose that allows you to position all staples over the wire precisely. It drives staples with a length of 7/16 inches and varies the distance from 1 to 2 inches.

The model is light and has an adjustable exhaust that can be turned at an angle to direct oil for cooling the operator. It offers a straightforward loading sequence and a retractable release wheel for convenient staple jam clearance.

You’ll appreciate the comfortable grip handle, which comes with a belt hook for a convenient handle. The comfortable grip absorbs vibration from the device hence reducing fatigue. To charge the batteries to total capacity requires 2 hours. It comes with a 2 Year Warranty (1 Year on Batteries).

2. 61710 Narrow Crown Stapler (18 Gauge, 3/8” to 1”) by Wen

The Wen 61710 is a rigid unit with a die-cast aluminum body. This design enables the unit to withstand wear and tear when in operation.

The unit operates at a high pressure of 60-100psi, which increases the number of air compressors used to manage the staple gun. It uses quarter-inch crown staples that have a length of 3\5-inch to 1inch.

The device is also dependable and convenient to use. It has a distinguishing feature that aids in its accuracy. The comfort grip prevents your hand from slipping, making it easier to work with. The narrow base improves the gun’s functionality. Besides to load the unit with staples takes less time since it has side-loading.

The device comes with a 100 staple capacity; hence more time to staple and less reloading. Because it comes with a packed carrying case, transporting the unit is simple.

3. 900078NT Cordless Medium Crown Siding Stapler (16-Gauge, 3/4” to 2”) by Paslode

This electric unit has a powerful battery to nail 2400 staples with the fuel cell. You can fire 4000 staples in a single charge.

The cordless nature of the item makes it simple to transport and set up. It isn’t necessary to use any tools to alter the driving depth. This enhances easy adjustments when driving staples into either soft or hardwoods.

The nose has a quick, clear feature; therefore, the staple does not stop often, and when it does, it’s easier to remove the staples and get back to your work.

Transporting the unit is easy as it comes with a bundled carrying case with various items. They include battery chargers, safety goggles, and hex wrench; hence you have everything to work on that fence.

4. N5008AC2 7/16” Crown Stapler (16 Gauge) by Hitachi

The model is light, durable, and applies in fencing, wall sheathing, wooden box building, and pallet manufacturing.

The stapler has 2 firing methods that offer more flexibility. The continuous firing option allows you to keep firing staples on the workpiece by simply contacting it with a bouncing motion, whereas the first needs you to fire the trigger. It’s working pressure is 70 to 120psi.

The design offers more comfort, and you can operate it using one hand. It weighs 4.5 pounds. You may adjust the drive depth by using the hex wrench. The gun magazine is made up of light plastic and uses crown staples of gauge 16 with a length of 1-2 inches. Warranty validity is 5 years.

5. 10-600 Professional Electric Stapler (120V, 15-Amp) by Roberts

A solenoid powers it with 15amps for operation. This stapler function on 120v is an excellent option for operators whose countries use this voltage range. It finds its application in fencing, carpeting, and flooring.

One significant feature of this unit is the ergonomic grip handle made of rubber; therefore, you can operate it for long sessions since the probability of fatigue is low.

Its power cord is 12 feet; hence, avoid buying an extra extension cord. The unit uses 20-gauge crown staples. The magazine capacity is 85 staples which are easy to reload.

The model comes with a carrying case made of rubber. It has extra space for carrying other tools,

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