Genesis Health Clubs have 56 locations in the Midwest and offer the most complete fitness experience available. Members can work out on cardio equipment, weights, and take advantage of group fitness classes and personal trainers. There are even gyms with yoga and Pilates studios, and many of the facilities are kid-friendly. The gyms also offer childcare, tanning services, and tennis courts. Some locations even have basketball and volleyball courts. Some clubs also offer daycare and corporate memberships.


The Merriam, Kansas, location is one of the largest of the chain’s locations. It will add additional cardio and strength equipment, a dedicated cycling studio, an All-American Training studio, a basketball court, and a new indoor pool. The facility will also have new flooring and luxury locker rooms. The indoor tennis courts will get new ceilings, lights, and backdrops. There are also many TVs for members to watch sports.

The company has 54 locations across six states and continues to expand its health outreach efforts with new locations in Kansas, Colorado, and Texas. The company recently opened 15 tennis centers and will train thousands of people to play tennis at its clubs. As part of its commitment to the youth brand USTA Net Generation, Genesis will develop coaching profiles and become SafePlay compliant. The growth of the chain will continue to spur new innovations, such as the addition of fitness classes and more.

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The expansion of the Genesis Health Clubs chain has been successful. Its largest locations are in Texas and Kansas, with nearly 50 venues in five states. The company has also been lauded for its aggressive expansion, which has led to some setbacks. During the last few years, however, the company has been able to overcome some of the hurdles that it encountered along the way. The St. Joseph location, for example, is now complete and connected to the multimillion-dollar facility, but it did hit some bumps in the road.

Despite its aggressive expansion, Genesis Health Clubs has experienced some setbacks. In St. Joseph, Mo., the company acquired seven Prairie Life Fitness locations. The new locations now have 57 locations in six states, making it the largest health club chain in the Midwest. With this expansion, the company has become one of the most profitable companies in the country. The franchisees also have the highest profit margins. The owners of the club network are Rodney Steven II, who grew up in the automotive industry.

Genesis Health Clubs has expanded rapidly

During the last few years, Genesis Health Clubs has expanded rapidly. The company has acquired seven Prairie Life Fitness locations, making it the largest health club organization in the Midwest. It is also the largest tennis group in the country. The chain now operates 57 clubs across six states and is owned by Rodney Steven II, a successful auto industry entrepreneur. This expansion has led to the establishment of many other branches in the Midwest, including Kansas.

Genesis Health Clubs has grown rapidly in the Midwest and has a presence in more than fifty locations in Kansas and Missouri. The company has a strong presence in the Midwest and is among the largest health club organizations in the country. Further, it has a strong presence in the auto industry, which means that it is not only profitable but also highly efficient. The new clubs offer a great value to members, and the newest and largest clubs are constantly upgrading and adding more amenities.

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Among its many locations in the Midwest, Genesis Health Clubs has a strong presence in Kansas. It has expanded aggressively, acquiring seven Prairie Life Fitness locations in Missouri, and subsequently establishing a presence in more than half a dozen other states. Currently, the company is one of the largest tennis organizations in the United States. The company’s rapid growth has made it a great place for locals to get a fitness workout.

As of December, Genesis Health Clubs had 47 locations in Kansas and Colorado. It has also recently announced the acquisition of seven Prairie Life Fitness locations in Kansas. The company has 57 locations across the Midwest and Colorado, and is one of the five largest health club organizations in the United States. The company is backed by Rodney Steven II, an auto industry entrepreneur with a history of building and operating health clubs. The new ownership structure is expected to make it a better place for members.

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