The Norstrat Group Companies

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Norstrat is a global strategic consulting agency specializing in telecommunications marketing, international product marketing, and digital marketing strategies. The company is a leader in the field of communications technology and is also closely located to the main headquarters of the ITK, an Inuit rights organization. The city is also a hub for air connections to the north, making it convenient for clients to work with Norstrat on projects across the globe.

developed a system

The company has a long list of achievements to its credit. It developed a system for locating oil and gas deposits, as well as an underwater search system based on satellite imagery. Besides the research and development division, it has also assisted large companies and organizations in developing new business models and completing projects on time. Through its think tank, the company has overcome challenges and is currently approving private military products. While the company may seem large and insignificant, it is a significant player in the energy industry.

Norstrat provides a range of services that include business and technology solutions for its clients. These services include software development and upgrades, as well as complete security and compliance management. Norstrat is an industry leader in Canada, having worked with various government agencies for over three decades. The company’s proprietary technology has helped it grow to over 100 employees. Further, it offers technical support for clients. Norstrat has helped a number of governments protect their companies from risks and threats through innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

The Norstrat services

The Norstrat Group Companies have been in operation for more than two decades, and offer many services. These services include cybersecurity, underwater search, public relations, and new business strategies. In addition to providing these services, Norstrat also hosts a series of workshops and conferences to help their clients grow. Moreover, the company provides expert advice on the use of the Canadian Northern Strategy, which makes it a valuable resource for businesses and other organizations.

Norstrat’s comprehensive communication solutions include email, voicemail, and multi-office solutions. It also offers a wide range of other services. For example, the company offers a variety of training options for its employees. In addition, it provides a range of training in various areas of communications. Its unique Creative Briefing Center allows customers to refine information and pass it on to its essential partners. Norstrat is a leading innovator in the area of communication and marketing, and has partnered with different companies to improve their services.

Although Norstrat is a Canadian-based firm, it offers services worldwide. Its primary areas of focus are infrastructure and state projects, such as telecommunications and defence. It also provides a variety of investment schemes for companies. Its clients benefit from this expertise. And the company’s mission is to help organizations achieve their goals. So, it is a great opportunity for those with a passion for innovation and technology.

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Norstrat’s mission is to make the north habitable. Its team of experts consists of military personnel who design and develop military equipment and tools. They also work with local governments to provide buildings and places for people in the north. By developing a strong strategy for the region, the company has helped make Canada more prosperous. However, it is important to remember that the role of Norstrat in creating the north habitable should be played by every Canadian.

Norstrat works with a broad range of industries, including telecommunications. The company also provides geospatial data analysis and reputation management services. Its team members possess considerable expertise in developing new technologies and services. Aside from consulting, the company offers a wide range of services to help businesses grow. The group has worked with monetary administrations, transportation, and retail/purchase products sectors. And they have extensive experience in a wide range of fields.

infrastructure projects

Norstrat is focused on implementing major infrastructure projects, such as airports and roads. The company also works with federal government agencies and other institutions to develop their own infrastructure projects. The company’s consultants work with C-level executives to analyze and improve communication strategies, and suggest strategic options for improvement. They can also help businesses develop and implement new technologies. During the process of developing a new project, Norstrat provides expert consulting and services.

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