Why Estrogen Dominance Is Considered Hormonal Imbalance In Women

Are you experiencing mood fluctuations, weight gain or a lack of levels of libido? If yes, you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance known as “estrogen dominance”. Estrogen is among the most vital female hormones that are vital for daily functioning. It regulates menstrual cycles as well as improves the thickness and condition of the skin, aids in regulating the production of cholesterol within the liver. It also helps improve Bone health and much more. Without it, you’ll will experience menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, vaginal change moodiness, irregular cycles and many more.

What is a Hormone Imbalance?

Are you constantly unhappy or moody constantly, but aren’t sleeping well? Gaining weight despite diet and exercise? You’re not alone. About 70% of females are experiencing symptoms that could be due to a hormone imbalance!

Hormones are the most important chemical messengers in our bodies . They include Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone, Cortisol, Thyroid, DHEA along with Vitamin D. They are made in a specific type of tissue, then they move through the bloodstream to different areas of the body, delivering “messages” for that part of the body to perform some specific. When messages become distorted this can result in important downstream effects.

Estrogen dominance is among the most prevalent female hormone imbalances and is a major issue as it affects hundreds of functions within the body of a woman. It is a prevalent disorder that is triggered by various causes like excess body fat, the environment’s estrogens (toxins) as well as insufficient digestion stress, chronic stress, and adrenal problems.

What are the causes of estrogen dominance?

1- Being overweight

Body fat that is excessive is among the primary factors that contribute to estrogen dominance. The fat cells not only retain and hold estrogen within your bloodstream but it produces estrogen by combining it with other hormones. Likely, the more fat cells you possess the more estrogen you’ll produce. The higher the amount of estrogen you create your body will store more fat. store and the cycle repeats.

2- Stress

Stress is among the primary reasons why women are estrogen dominant. When you’re stressed or extremely busy your cortisol levels rise up and your body has to make use of its progesterone in order to maintain the pace which eventually depletes your “oh so helpful” hormone called progesterone. Since more progesterone is being utilized for cortisol production there is less of it available to regulate estrogen, increasing estrogen levels. Additionally, excessive estrogen can make the pancreas overproduce insulin, which means it isn’t able to lose fat effectively regardless of what food you’re eating!

3- Environment

A vast majority of manufactured products are laced with industrial chemicals that mimic the actions of estrogens, and can disrupt the hormone balance. You’d need to live in a bubble in order to get rid of the estrogens that we are being exposed to from our modern living, modern-day world. They’re everywhere, in our food, water and personal care products, clothing and furniture. There’s a staggering amount of these hormone-imbalancing estrogens every day, and not even realizing it.

4- Birth medications to control birth and hormonal substitution therapy (HRT)

Heavy bleeding and irregular periods usually result from estrogen dominance. Hormone replacement therapy drugs and the majority of oral contraceptives increase the amount of estrogen, on top of the excess estrogen, and do not balance the effects of progesterone. Progesterone helps balance estrogen’s effects, and without it estrogen, you will experience signs that are a result of dominance by estrogen.

How can I know whether I have Estrogen Dominance?

Comprehensive tests that include an extensive blood test will help us understand the liver’s function, inflammation, metabolic markers, nutrient deficiencies and methylation capacity and many other aspects. A detailed guide about symptoms of estrogen dominance written on the website of Rose Wellness. A test of the saliva for cortisol as well as other hormones is essential to make a correct diagnosis. Sometimes, a thorough stool analysis is suggested to assess the health of your gut.

The signs of high estrogen levels in women

If your body’s estrogen or testosterone levels aren’t in balance it is possible that you will begin to experience some signs. In women, potential symptoms include:

  • Bloating
  • Tenderness and swelling in your breasts
  • Breast lumps that are fibrocystic
  • reduced sexual drive
  • irregular menstrual cycles
  • more severe symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • mood changes
  • headaches
  • anxious attacks and panic
  • weight gain
  • hair loss
  • Cold hands or feet
  • difficulty sleep
  • tiredness or sleepiness
  • Memory issues


Estrogen is one hormone that is sometimes a victim of a negative image, especially when it comes to estrogen dominance. However, we require estrogen because it helps women shape their legs, breasts and hips and is crucial to bone health and mood. Estrogen is a good hormone to lower blood pressure, act as an effective

anti-inflammatory, boost memory and cognitive performance and plays an important function in neurotransmitter production to ensure healthy mental health.

As we have discussed previously, the hormones in Balance are a complex system which is why it is crucial to take a thorough medical history and health history up to determine what factors cause your symptoms to ensure that they are appropriately controlled and addressed while you heal.

Although estrogen dominance may cause you to feel unhappy, it can be reversed! By implementing the steps outlined above, you can begin to improve your estrogen/progesterone balance and heal your hormones so you can get back to feeling amazing!

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