The New KickAss Torrents (KAT) website is the next big thing in torrent-sharing. The original KAT website is no longer working due to US government agencies’ arrest of its owners. The creator of the site, Artem Vaulin, was charged with multiple counts of copyright infringement and later remanded in custody by Polish authorities. He was also facing money laundering charges.

Most Popular Torrent-Sharing Site

In the past, the KickAss Torrents website was the most popular torrent-sharing site, with over one million visitors each day. However, it was shut down in 2016 because of the large volume of pirated content. The company stated that it would comply with DMCA, but it never removed the pirated content. As a result, many cord-cutters are looking for alternative KickAss Torrents websites.

Massive Directory Organized

Another alternative to KickAss Torrents is Extra Torrent. It features a massive directory organized by category and categorized by genre. Lime Torrents is another clean alternative with millions of torrents and some of the best TV shows on the internet. Torrent Downloads is another good alternative to KickAss, thanks to its magnet links and fast download speed. Finally, RARBG is another popular KickAss Virus-Free Torrents site with an easy-to-use interface and a considerable following.

The New KickAss Torrents KATS Websites are an excellent alternative to KickAss Torrents. As an alternative, they can be accessed via any web-connected device, including PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and streaming devices. Amazon Fire stick is the most popular streaming device. The video provides step-by-step instructions for downloading torrents from different categories.

Movies & Software for Free

YTS is another excellent alternative to KickAss Torrent. It is the official mirror of the KickAss Torrents site. It is free to use, and unlike KickAss Torrent, it has no ads. By using YTS, you can also download movies and software for free. This is an excellent alternative to KickAss Torrents.

The New KickAss Torrents Kat Websites are available in the following countries. In some countries, such as the United States, the law has blocked Kickass torrents. Nonetheless, you can still find many alternative KAT websites that provide you with the same content you need. There are also a few kAT mirrors in the UK. If you’re looking for the same information as on KAT, try Torrent9 or Glo Torrents. These sites are much safer and reliable.


Another popular KAT alternative is Both of these sites have a clean and minimal interface, and you can download all kinds of files from these websites. Moreover, these sites have better downloadable content than their predecessors. You may even find pirates in the region you live in! So, be sure to check these sites out if you want to download your favorite torrents.

Free Torrent File Download Site

In addition to these sites, there are many more alternatives for Kickass Torrents. Tor Lock is a free torrent file download site with an extensive library of torrent files. Its simple interface is a welcome addition to the new KAT website. Its users are likely to feel familiar with these websites because they’re very similar to the original. There are a few significant differences between the two sites, but they’re very similar overall.

The first difference between KAT and Lime Torrents is how they display their search bar. The old KAT site had a search bar that wasn’t easy to navigate. The new site has a search bar that allows you to search for torrents in a simple, easy-to-use manner. This is an excellent alternative to the old KAT website. If you don’t trust the original, check out the new version.

Last Words:

In addition to Tor Lock, The Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site, and its user interface is quite attractive. Its thousands of torrents are organized into different categories, and you can filter them by genre. The Pirate Bay has magnet links if you want to watch a movie. You can even view TV episodes. Its calendar is also handy for finding movies. But you have to be careful about which of these sites you use.

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