This new e-commerce company takes gently used, high-end clothes from over 100 different and creates ready-made outfits for kids ages 0-6 yrs. 

How it Works: My Little Outfit follows the Shop Wear Trade™ model. First, there are stylists that sort through the trade-in clothing and create stylish outfits. Second, every single outfit is only $18.99. Kids can wear the outfit once, ten times or decide they want to keep it forever. When you’re ready, simply trade the outfit back in for heartcoin (a form of store credit). My Little Outfit accepts clothing that hasn’t come from them as well. 

outfit because the stylists

Why You’ll Love It: You won’t have to spend the time matching items to make an outfit because the stylists do that for you ahead of time! The price per outfit is very reasonable, and you can trade in outfits at any time. You can also sign up for a subscription; you’ll receive four outfits every month for $64.99. You’ll get free shipping, a laundry bag and an instant-cancellation policy.

Have you noticed how fast babies outgrow clothes? On average, your baby will grow 0.5–1 inch and gain 5–7 ounces per month in the first year. All that rapid growth means your little bundle will outgrow his or her clothes from one wear to the next.

What will you do with all those barely worn clothes? Well, selling them is always a good option! You can clean out the overflowing closet and make a little cash in the process.

Poor Condition

Not every item of clothing is going to escape babyhood in pristine condition. Diaper blowouts and spit-ups happen, and they can leave some pretty tough stains. White onesies are often the hardest hit.

These items are definitely not going to sell, but they probably aren’t even in good enough condition to give to your friends and family either. Plus, you don’t really want to drop off a bunch of stained clothes at the thrift store.

So, what do you do with them? One option is to turn them into cleaning rags or recycle them for c. You could also check with a local daycare or church nursery, they may have a stack of clothes to use in case of an emergency.You can also look for a Planet Aid bin to donate textiles to, they’

The decent clothes have been boxed up to give away. The clothes in poor condition have found their new home. Now, it’s time to move on to the sellable items!

You’ll need to sort the clothes from the excellent pile a little bit further before you’re ready to start making some cash. The large stack will need to be broken down by:

  • Size: All of the items need to be sorted into groups by their size. It can be easier to sell your items in sized lots, especially if you’re selling at yard sales.
  • Season: Once you have them separated by size, break the sizes down by season. Sorting by season will be especially important if you’re selling at consignment stores.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pajamas

This adorable striped set is made out of 100% cotton, including cuffed sleeves and legs for a snug fit! It features the familiar Hungry Caterpillar creeping about and it’s sized from 12 months to 5T. Buy for $15 at Target.

Brown Bear Pajamas

If Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You Hear is the bedtime story of choice, grab the new Bear Pajama Set. You’ll find some of the best-known characters from the book, including the blue horse. This set features a button up collar and it’s $15 at Target.

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