Living With Technology – A Blessing Or A Curse?

A life with technology or without is perhaps one of the longest-standing debates in the history of the world. And for a good reason too. Between television shows and Instagram filters with telecom companies coming up with the best TV and internet bundles all day long, reality often takes a back seat. In a world so massively influenced by technology, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of who we are.  

That brings us to our short discussion today about what living with technology means and how we can best utilize it without being consumed by it.

Perks of Living with Technology  

It is no secret that our world today has been made entirely too easy by the help of technology and the internet. Every phase of our lives now has at least some part that technology fulfills. Some of the examples from our daily life that technology has made a breeze include the following.  

  1. Communication: Gone are the days of to-the-point telegrams and long letters from the battlefield. There is a certain romanticism surrounding letters, given their history of beautiful connection after days of waiting. But it sure does not beat the ease of picking up your cellphone and Face Timing your significant other, who may be a continent away. And all of this within a few seconds.  

    Has technology helped make communication better? Well, it certainly has made communication a whole lot faster, not to mention the convenience it brings to the table. Messaging applications, Facebook and WhatsApp, let you have your loved ones, just a single click away. Video chat and Skype have made seeing them in the flesh much more indulgent too. So much so, if our ancestors were to see the methods of communication available today, they would think of it all as sorcery!

    All of which would be impossible without present-day technology and the internet. 
  1. Banking and bill payment: Technology has rewired the way that economy functions within a society. Most banks have now launched websites or, better yet, phone applications that make the whole banking business more accessible than ever. No more long queues at the branch or waiting for your depositor’s appointment. You can now make money transactions, transfer payments, and pay bills through your banking application or website. PayPal and Venmo have introduced these handy features, too, so you are well covered no matter where you are.

    Many people now prefer to go cashless, with just phones in their pockets. The Google Wallet or Apple Pay helps solve this problem, and you never have to worry about not having enough cash as long as you have your banking application on your phone! 
  1. Entertainment: Technology continues to change the world of entertainment as we know it. We have moved on from the era of operas, theatres, and even cinema, with state-of-the-art home theatre systems. There are lovely speakers in-built and widescreen high-definition LCDs that make the whole affair a tad bit fancy. Smart TVs can now directly connect through Wi-Fi to the internet and bring you online streaming and Netflix.

    Video gaming has gone on to a whole new level using VR sets and interactive games. COD has never been better! 

    That’s not all. Technology has introduced applications and devices that can replace books, music, and so much more. If there were five ways of having fun in the past, there are now five thousand ways, each more exciting than the last. 

Pitfalls of technology 

It is scientifically impossible for a thing (or person) to exist without any significant flaws. While technology has served a purpose to bring in the greater good – it has some severe downsides. And as time passes, we continue to discover more and more of them. Some of them include: 

  1. Emotional ripples: Social media can be an exhausting thing to deal with on a daily basis. In a society where everyone is so engrossed in making themselves look good, it is easy to fall into the toxic loop of insecurity. Someone will always have a better car, house, or life than you, but that is nothing to worry about. Keep working hard, and all good things will find you eventually. It would be best if you also remembered that everything is not how it appears on the internet. People also like faking stuff to get a more engaged audience. 

    Technology may also make us ignore the people we love. Being busy with games and social connections might make the physical relationships around us suffer. These could be our parents, our children, even our siblings. It is ironic because technology was supposed to make us closer to people, not so distant, living under the same roof. Remember to focus your time and strength on things and people that matter. 
  1. Physical effects: Necessity may have been the mother of invention at some point, but now it is just laziness. Technology has made everything so simple that most of us are not getting enough exercise during the day. Couple up that zero physical stress situation with the amount we eat, and you have obesity in the making. Lack of physical activity and obesity can rapidly lead to a destructive lifestyle and depression. Which we are not surprised to say in increasing by the day. 
  1. Breach of privacy: Technology has given unnecessary access to our personal info to third-party applications. They can get into your confidential info and data and use it to show you content that may be relevant to your needs. Regardless, privacy concerns remain at an all-time high even after all the immaculate security systems in place, for this is a problem that plagues us the worst during these times.  

Final Word: Is Technology a Blessing or a Curse?  

Technology and the internet have provided the world with the means to do almost anything. It may seem cliché, but technology has given us development in leaps and bounds, and it continues to, even today. But it is plausible to have too much of a good thing, and it is not necessarily good. Things can go south quickly; hence it is imperative to keep our habits in check and control technology in a healthy relationship rather than letting it control us. After all, that is what being human is all about!

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