Why is the listen option gone from the top of Google news feed?

Google and its platforms:
Google is powered by an American company as a search engine. Although it is the Google search engine that makes them earn a vast amount. But Google has also developed other platforms and have played the most crucial role in the software and hardware era. Google news is also among the same platforms that allow you to see and listen to Google news very fast.
Google news aggregator fetches news from almost 50,000 sources all over the world. And if your website got ranked in Google news it will allow you to get huge traffic. To get included Google news content designer should enhance their sites and content through Google News SEO.
What is Google News?
Google explains its news search engine as a vertical engine Google News in such a way. Google news is computer generated news service that compiles headlines from almost 50,000 news sources globally. It makes groups of similar stories and news and shows you the result based on your interest. All the articles and multimedia content is first selected ranked and posted among the other factors, like on any website how much time it will take for a story or article to get ranked and how often the content is posted. The news is also ranked based on location, diversity, freshness and relevance.
What is the working strategy of Google News?
Google News helps the audience to engage others with their content and gives them a diverse set of features. The main purpose of Google News is content branding and monetization prospects like the thorough subscription through Google or the streamline subscription sales. For giving the best experience to Google you can select between direct control and the traffic by using AMO or any other custom styling or any feed-backed content. Utilizing the Publisher Center instrument, you can impart your substance to Google News by posting RSS channels, site URLs, or recordings.
Launch of Google News Application
Google News Application is an AI-based interface that allows you to know about current affairs and similar current stories related to your interest. It is started or opens with a briefing, which is most usually is the list of 5 similar stores based on your location and references.
The list of Headlines is also available there which is a mix of various stories related to sports, culture, current affairs, tech and business. For each story, Google News has maintained a list of similar stories and pages including videos and pictures to get you the best content from all around the web.
Google in its “Full Coverage” facility allows you to get to the incident in different periods. The Google News application additionally allows you to buy into online distributers that depend on paywalls and premium memberships, and read their substance in Google’s portable agreeable AMP design.
Is there any platform restriction for Google news?
Google news is available for both IOS and Android Mobiles, replacing the Google lay Newsstand. But keep in mind that you need to install Google chrome first to use Google News on the IOS platform.

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