5 Best Farm Animals to Raise for Profit

Some businesses related to animals have a higher earning potential than others, but before buying the right farm animal, you should make sure you have enough knowledge about them.

The first thing you need to consider is at which place your livestock is going to be raised. 

You can raise certain animals on your homestead, but you need to consider the available area for raising them. Depending on the available area, you can choose an appropriate animal to raise and sell for profit.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 best farm animals to raise for profit but before that, let’s have a quick look at how farm management systems can help in this regard.

Is Farm Management System Important?

The farm management system is of immense importance for farmers. It provides information about weather, temperature, lighting, humidity, food, and water in the stable or barn.

It also provides information about the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of your farm. 

If you have a large farm to manage or you are planning to get into this business, the farm management System would be your right hand.

It is simple and easy to use.  In addition, you can access it from both your PC and smartphone.

Farm management softwareis useful in many aspects. For example, it provides you accurate inventory information and production data related to goats and sheep. 

Top 5 Profitable Livestock to Raise

Usually, the main reason behind raising farm animals is profit. Let’s 5 animals that can provide you with the most benefit include:

1.     Chicken

The first animal to consider is chicken. Raising chicken is a better option if you have a small acreage. However, overcrowding and a poor diet might lead to behavioral issues in this animal. So, ensure there is enough space for chicken and offer them a good diet.

The Farm Management system will offer great assistance for maintaining the daily record of laid eggs and hatching of chicks from fertilized eggs,

Chicken Eggs are Profitable

Selling chicken eggs is profitable. Almost every household uses eggs, as they provide nutrients and are inexpensive.

Although the market price depends on the area you live in, raising chicken for a profit is worthwhile. They are low-maintenance. However, every two years, you need to use fresh chicken to keep egg production healthy.

Heritage Chicks Sell Well 

Heritage chicks live a long life. This is why they are best for egg production. You only need an egg incubator to fertilize the eggs.

2.     Sheep & Goats (Small Ruminant)

Goats and sheep are magnificent for small acreage. They do not require a very large space. A proper goat fence is enough to keep them secure within their area.

Goats Are Browsing Animals

Goats eat grass, hay, weeds, grain, and even tree bark. They love to enjoy eating. But some things are toxic for goats, such as boxwood, larkspur, and lupines. It causes gastrointestinal issues. If your goats get stomach problems, you have to consult a doctor immediately because they are extremely sensitive to diseases.

Eating Habits of Sheep

Sheep love to eat grass and weeds on the ground. Sheep are like lawnmowers, as they cut the grass on your lawn. You can use their manure and urine as fertilizer on your farm. 

Which Ruminant is Suitable for Your Land?

One of the main deciding factors to choose the right animal to raise for profit is the area you live in. Sheep are suitable for colder areas, while goats live in hot and warm weather. It is better to understand which ruminant survives the best in your area.

Why can’t goats tolerate cold? It is because they do not have external fat like sheep that keeps them warm. Therefore, they need a warm place to live and reproduce. 

3.     Beef Cattle

Beef cattle is one of the most profitable farm animals to raise. A small acreage is not suitable for beef and dairy cattle. They require a large area to wander, a good amount of freshwater, and regular veterinarian care. You required a complete cattle management software that simplifies farm cattle tracking and record keeping.

Cattle Feeding

Beef cattle feed on pasture forage, hay, silage, corn (maize) fodder, wheat straw, and grain supplements. Dairy cows eat hay as it contains essential nutrients for producing more milk. Make sure that hay is of the best quality.

Raising Cattle for a Good Profit

Cattle are easiest to raise for profit. You can easily increase the price of each cattle by feeding corn instead of grass, as corn provides more calories to digest to cattle. In this way, they can get additional calories that enable them to grow faster.

The quicker an animal approaches market weight, the faster it can be auctioned. You can also earn money by selling milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt. 

4.     Bees

You may have never thought about honeybees as something you can raise in your farm, but they are a valuable addition to your farm. The honeybees provide honey and beeswax. Bees also help in the pollination of crops. A farm management system is best for tracking bees and keeping information about how much honey is produced in a month.

You need to understand the basic information before keeping the bees, as bees require low maintenance, and you can catch them yourself without investing your money.

You must keep in mind that you will be responsible for protecting hives from raccoons, rats, and squirrels.  

5.     Pekin Ducks

Pekin ducks are one of the best additions to your farm. They can live in a small area with a small pool. They are a good source of providing eggs and meat. 

Ducks eat aquatic vegetation such as pondweed, seeds, insects, worms, and amphibians. They can keep the bugs off.  However, if you’re planning to raise ducks on your farm, don’t forget to put up the fence to protect the ducks against predators such as dogs and hawks. 

Final Thoughts

You can have multiple farm animals to raise at a time. However, before making any investment, make sure you have enough knowledge to deal with farm animals.

Choosing the right farm animal is beneficial for you in the long run. Consider investing in a farm management system for accurate farm livestock data and scale your business further.      

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